1 BTC to 1.5 BTC in 1 month! Crypto Trading


My name is Ethan and I am a full time Cryptocurrency trader (you can learn more about me in my Bio)! I want to take you along a journey of taking whatever amount… lets say 1 BTC and making a 50% profit by trading in and out of alt coins! I did a previous post of .5 BTC to .55 in 10 days or 10% but I wanted to make it a little more challenging ( .5btc to .55btc in 10 days ) ! I will show you all my trades, snapshots of the charts and why I took the trade.

Some things about these trades.

  1. My stop/loss will always be 2-3% below my entry point. I am aiming to gain 1-5% on each trade!
  2. I use MACD/RSI/BB as Technical Indicators.
  3. I follow 3-6 coins very closely in terms of price action. So sometimes my trades will be based on the price and not on the technicals
  4. I never trade on leverage and just use my own money

None of this is financial advice, so DYOR before investing!

Will post my trades in a few days as I am traveling right now :slight_smile:

To the moon,



Best of luck mate…You can doooo iiiiitt.


Risk management is always more important than anything else. It separates profitable from unprofitable traders so well done on defining your plan! Good luck!


Alright fellas,

First trade is in! ZRX! We saw a healthy drop today of about 10%. Even though I am trading into Ethereum, I will convert to BTC. Value. I used 3.93 ETH to buy around 1800ish ZRX. I have my stop loss set at 21200 which is about a 2% loss. As you can see from my chart below. That is including the buy and sell fees that the exchange takes.

I chose to enter into this trade because the MACD looks like its about to cross on the 15 minute chart and also the RSI is relatively low! When it reaches 2200ish I might sell half my stack and move my stop loss up so that I can only break even :slight_smile:

To the moon,


P.s. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me!


Good luck. :+1:



Alright guys, just an update, like expected. It popped and buyers want more! :slight_smile: I love when prices hovers at the top of the bb. I moved my stop loss to 21700 and lets see if this things rises some more!


Looking forward to seeing how your trades play out. I like learning from others who are placing and publishing their trades. Would you be willing to share the timestamp and the open price when you take a position?

What I like to do is look at the charts and indicators for myself and see what the general market conditions are at that point in time to better understand how people are thinking on their entries (i.e. learn some of the reasoning that they may not be elaborating on in their commentary).


@CryptoEthan, let’s have a little fun here and compare notes on what we see on the charts.

Admittedly, I’m looking at the chart a few hours after you opened a position, but I’m curious what in the chart convinced you it was turning. I do see that the MACD flipped to bull configuration, but I don’t know if that was before or after you entered your position – I’m guessing before, so what was the key thing you saw? Was it, as you said, simply because RSI was low and MACD looked like it was about to flip?

I ask because, if it were me, I would’ve been thinking at the time, that it’s going lower. It might pause for a bit, have a mini-rally, but it overall feels like it’s going lower.

Alternatively, had I caught the reversal signal well before it reached the EMA100, I might’ve taken a small gamble on the price level reaching this first level of resistance in about an hour’s time, which could’ve yielded a nice 2% or thereabouts profit. As it stands now, here’s what I’m looking at: A big yellow bear flag:

This, of course, is where stop/loss management helps a lot. So if you’re stopped in the green, you’re doing well. I’m definitely curious to see how this plays out in the context of your current open position, though!


So you buy into a coin, set a stop loss and keep rising your stop loss on the way up?


Hey! So I follow ZRX very closely in terms of price action. The green line in my chart is where I indicated support. It was on the lower bb so a bit risky because it could keep falling, but the rsi was already over sold and no bad news came out about the coin and I set my stoplimit at 2% below my entry. The macd was about to cross over so it seemed. Just thought it was a good entry point. Just sold half my stack earlier at around 24400 and then moved my stop loss up to around break even! Hopefully it keeps going up. Will post charts and times that I enter going forward.

The chart that I first posted is when I entered the trade.

Yes, lets keep doing this. I like to see other peoples analysis too!


I am not normally one to call out a trade I make, but in the interest of this thread, let’s try one out.

Almost all the market looks very undecided or just plain going down for the time-being. But EOS, looks like it’s consolidating very, very nicely with potential to explode upwards if it breaks to the upside. Here’s the 1H chart:

It’s got a very nice bull flag there, which may be good for a +10% (conservative) to +20% profit (aggressive!) potential. This is an estimate derived based on the height of the flag pole.

Now, I do recognize the MACD is indeed negative and volume is tailing off, but those are solid in my book in this scenario. The OBV is, on the whole increasing, so there’s buying strength behind it even if the volume is not there. But I think what many miss on a bull flag is that it’s normal for volume to taper off prior to a sudden move on the price action, so this is one I’m setting a stop limit BUY order at 16500 satoshis. Meaning, if it breaks to the upside, I enter the trade as this would be confirmation I’m looking for that it’s breaking up instead of down.

To give a better idea of what’s happening on price action and why I say it’s consolidating nicely, check out how smoothly volume is tapering off while candles have essentially leveled out as they approach the apex of the bull flag.

And all that’s sitting ABOVE the Kumo cloud and above the EMA 100, which is acting as support presently.


Also set a target for each trade before going into it. Once it reaches target, based on the charts I re-evaluate and either sell my whole position and exit or just sell half or up my stop limit!


For those wondering what I mean about setting a stop limit buy order:


Just saw this! Awesome call!! Glad you walked away with some profit! Hopefully you bought more than 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Good work matey.
Dont see OBV on many charts these days.
this is a great thread…watchout Tone Vays…


Why did you choose 16500 sats as your buy limit? Any particular reason? why not above the high of a 15-30 minute resistance candle? I see you could of made a little bit more! But then again, never be too greedy!


Presumably because this can’t be done whilst you sleep.

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I’m right in thinking Binance will not take the trade if it shoots straight from say 1644 to 1652?
Do you have a fixed range % that you use from trigger to target?

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this can be done. Its called a stop-limit order. So it automatically puts the order in for you!

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@CryptoEthan but you said “why not above the high of a 15-30 minute resistance candle?”

Please confirm impossible if you are sleeping.

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