10 Days of Bitcoin: 💯 free email course! 💰 👉 ✉



Hey all!

Tonight, we’re launching something that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

It’s a free, 10-day email course to help you learn the basics and fundamentals of bitcoin :btc:!

http://10daysofbitcoin.com <~~~~~~~ :money_mouth_face:

The Course Syllabus is as follows:

  1. The History of Bitcoin – A Unique (and Hard to Believe) Origin Story
  2. What is Bitcoin and What Makes It Different?
  3. Bitcoin Mining and an Overview of the Blockchain
  4. Getting Prepared to Buy Bitcoin – An Overview of Wallets
  5. How to Get Your First Bitcoin, Safely and Securely
  6. A Visual Walkthrough of Buying Bitcoin via an Online Exchange
  7. Why Bitcoin Matters More Than Just the Currency
  8. The Birth of the “Alternative Coin” (or AltCoin)
  9. Investing in “Initial Coin Offerings” (or ICOs) and How to Avoid Scams
  10. Final Thoughts on the Importance of Community


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Cool! But… I Already Know About Bitcoin… … …

Awesome! That’s great. You deserve a :cookie:.

But… you know, even though some of you may not necessarily need this course… I can bet that you know of at least one (or 10…?) person(s) within your sphere of influence that needs to learn more about bitcoin!

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So, here’s the challenge: Send this email course to as many people as you possibly can!

  • Email it to friends
  • Email it to family
  • Email it to your coworkers

And then… of course, share it on social media.

But, also… please upvote it on ProductHunt! The more upvotes we get the bigger chance we’ll get featured and land on the “trending” tab!

You know what to do:

Appreciate it friends and we’re so glad that we could create something that can help as many people learn about the awesomeness that is bitcoin! And, of course, this is what we’re all about here at the Pub! This is our mission. This is our goal. We want to get as many people on the :rocket: as possible!

To the moon friends!

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Just upvoted. So how do we send someone an email invite? The product hunt page isn’t too user friendly.


Just go there directly:


And click the links to subscribe. The Product Hunt site is just to get a little more exposure… that’s all. :slight_smile:



Upvoted and reviewed! Can’t wait to see what you two come up with next!



Exactly what I need to get going to the moon!! Thank you
Some basics and I’m really interested in Day 8


Why not. Might learn something i did not know. Knowledge is power!


Love it! Thanks @john

Upvoted and signed up. Excited to see what you came up with. Seems like a good place to send friends and family too since they don’t seem to get it.


Love it, I definitely signed myself up for that. It’s amazing to see good people do great things, definitely is exciting. :+1:


This is awesome! Signed up, upvoted, emailing to friends and family and sharing to social today. Thanks @john for putting this together! Great work!


You guys are the best man. Couldn’t have found a better community


already getting some incredible feedback:

Hi John,

Thank you SO MUCH for the bitcoin course! I have been wanting to learn more about bitcoin, but most of the people I know who are involved are sort of… well… dude-bro types who like to impress with their technical prowess. After a neighbor bragged about turning a small amount of money into a very large pay-out, I asked a few questions. He told me that it was too late to get involved or learn about bitcoin and that it would go over my head anyway. Ugh! :rage:

Anyway, I just read the first email in your course and clicked through a couple of the resources, and I really appreciate how you’ve made this so accessible and and friendly.

Thanks again for doing good work!


That “neighbor” sounds like a total lamer!


How does upvoting work


Nvm I just figured it out


I’m in! Time to get my learn on!!!


This is awesome. We all need a refresher course every once in a while. Thank you


I can’t seem to find you on the email list… are you sure you subscribed (and confirmed)?


What is the minimum hash power to mine e a litecoin in a pool


Thanks it has been very helpful so far!


Awesome!! Please share it with as many people as possible!!