10 Days of Bitcoin: 💯 free email course! 💰 👉 ✉



I only received Day#1 email? :thinking:


you should continue to get the next day. :slight_smile: lmk if it doesn’t show up by end of day.


Really glad I came across this community and channel, already signed up and looking to Patron. Gonna dig my hands into this course and then Smash the B90X :muscle:t3:

Many thanks!


Glad you’re here!!!


Thanks :pray:t6: this is great :+1:


I’m starting to get some neat and humbling feedback as folks complete the course… like this:


I enjoyed the 10 day course, I felt that it was a great introduction to the field.

What I enjoy most about this whole experience is the it teaches discipline. It’s not an entire course, that you’re able to just skim through; it’s small chucks of information which are sent at the same time every day.

And that’s how The Pub has taught me to invest into Bitcoin, very methodical without much fanfare. Slow and steady wins the race, learn the market, reap the rewards. It’s genius!

Without this program, I too would have fallen victim to the “drinking from the fire hose” scenario so many seem to fall victim to.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing.



I’m a noob, so naturally I signed up. Thank you guys in advance for this information, we are truly fortunate!


Much gratitude for the course, as an other newb into BTC Im sure itll come in very handy.

All the best to the community members in their endeavours!


Thank you so much for this newsletter, I have found it extremely useful!


Of course! Glad you’re here!


Added to my list of bitcoin/cryptocurrency resources, thanks :smile:


Thanks friend! Appreciate that! Is your list public, btw?


Can’t wait to check out what you came up with. No matter how much you think you know there’s always more to learn. Thanks for the course.


Completed the 10 days of Bitcoin! Completed Day 4 of b90x too. Informative and great work targeting your audience, as a Noob the lessons was broken down to my level. :+1:t4: I’m sharing this lesson with my FB friends and family.


Awesome! thank you good sir! glad you’re here!


Just subbed and can’t wait to learn something new!


awesome! this is going to be a great year!


Looks awesome, thankyou! New member here. Can’t wait to see what you guys have put together!


Hope I learn something that I don’t already know


hey dearscotty,
I’m new here and I’m having trouble navigating through this forum and a little clueless as to upvote. can you help me with this, I’m lost here. Thank you in advance “Grasshopper”