10 Days of Bitcoin: 💯 free email course! 💰 👉 ✉



Ah, dont’ worry about the “upvote” anymore. That was just for launch!

Glad you’re here friend! How can we help?


Signed up for the Bitcoin pub not that far back!

WIll be signing up to your Bitcoin beginner email crash course :slight_smile: thanks for the value and i wish i could do more than upvote! Cheers mate


Hey! Been part of the crypto nation since the beginning :stuck_out_tongue: Although I don’t engage with the community as much as I would like. Will try to fix that

I won’t be taking this but I signed my girlfriend up for it because I trust your content. I’m sure you guys did an awesome job putting this together as always. But she says she hasn’t gotten any emails. And I’m unable to sign her up for it again. Lemme know if anyone can help with this :grinning:




Thanks for the display pic xD I am the demon hunter


Hi people! I’ve subscribed yesterday. I’m getting the bitcoin.pub emails but no the 10daysofbitcoin ones!

Please help!


I will DM you! We will take a look.


Cool any suggestion how to start up in 100$ investing in altcoins


Hello, the link does not work. Is there a new link for this please?



what link? everything should be operational.


the link for ten days of bitcoin




Hey @john… so i signed up twice for the 10 day bitcoin. Once a few weeks ago, and again a week or so after that and i still haven’t received an email… I’m not sure why it’s not working


Okay. Send me an email and we will get it sorted.


Just finished the 10 day course. Found it very informative. I especially liked that you presented the information in an unbiased way- never trying to steer me to any product! I learned an incredible amount of information but I know there’s much more more to learn! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


glad you were able to make it through! make sure to share it with others! and, of course, glad you’re here!


Hi @john
I signed up for the 10 days of bitcoin e-mails. I didn’t receive any emails. So, I tried to re-sign up. On the second sign up, I noticed something that I didn’t on the first attempt. - after I checked I’m not a bot, the second time I was sent to a test (choose the pictures that have cars in them). The first time I didn’t see the bot ‘test’.
On the re-sign up, after the bot test, it said error - that this was already an email (something like that). Soo… I hope you can help :slight_smile: Thank you- Dinah

Amend: @john was helpful! :pray:
Later, I realized that the issue was with my e-mail, not with the bitcoin pub. :flushed:


How can I sign up for 10 days of bitcoin newsletter


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