$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



Guys, in 30 min I’l be uploading is an UNPUBLISHED VIDEO I JUST CREATED on this thread.


I’ll release tomorrow to the general public… could be a good call??? I have no idea… but I’m liking what I’m seeing…

TL;DR - I sold $10K of LTC and bought 1430 OMG!!! I’m thinking … another NEO moment???
From what I’m seeing… the price is fucking right.

#toTheMoon my beloved #cryptonation. You heard it here first.


50 Reasons to own BTC TODAY!

I’m gonna jump back in OMG as well, after getting out too fast! :joy:


ill join you for the ride, bought a seat for $3K:)


BOOM!!! Wish I had that liquidity!


DO iT!!! I bought in yesterday after seeing your video! already seeing some nice gains! TO THE MOON <3


Just filled 3K for the Rocket Ship Ride Yooooooooooooo (Just having fun tonight!) ::rocket:


Guys… here it is. Enjoy. Tell me I’m right??? (Wrong???) - I’m just… I’m just feeling it in ma BONES!!! :star_struck:

Again, you guys get to see it before it’s published!!! Whoo hoo!:tornado::tornado::tornado:


You don’t do that at all @peter NOPE! DOGE (lol)


Ohh man i just bought some more LTC. Maybe i’ll sell and join the OMG rocket.


I just moved out of ETH and into OMG


Ordering a Batch of Wings from my favorite Pizza Joint Here in Bozeman … Does OMG Have wings? Yooooooo! :wink:


is it worth selling some neo to get in on?


I wouldn’t sell NEO right now


Do not sell your NEO for OMG!!! DO NOT DO NOT!


Been hodling OMG. Glad it’s back up. just liquidated some CVC into this. Let’s see where it goes.


noooo cjb not a good idea Neo is going up


ok lol thanks for the advice


Dippin in. Stalled on listening to your NEO advice (to be fair was first BiteSizeBTC video I ever saw) so not making the same mistake again haha!


can you please tell me the reason why you chose Omisego besides just TA? What are the news you found out that made u want to put 10Gs on that sucker?


Are you calling OMG for short spike or long gain like NEO?