$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



yea and i had dinner with Obama the other night…


I did hear the team met with the Thai government, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this story happens in the future.

It does seem like an extreme outcome for 1 meeting though. Either way I am hanging on to my OMG.


Thanks for sharing! It would be great if these rumors are true. Nonetheless, I believe in OMG all the way and will HODL!


Was it any good? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …


yea it was delightful…had steak and potatoes…wine was red…michele wore a lovely gown…


Google + OmiseGO working together. This is huge!!!


They are not working together.
They are using GOogle’s platform.
Mc Donalds is also using Google’s platform. Does that mean they are working and partering together?
Google probably doesn’t give a dam about burgers.


Google, McDonald’s… You’re talking about a few of the most valuable brands in the world. That OMG would be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone meeting with…? Wow :grinning:


I also use Google Platform for some cloud apps.
Does that make my apps valueable automatically?
If you connect the dots…
OMG team met Mcdonalds…
Omise runs on GOogle’s cloud platform.
Mcdonals also runs on Google…
This may be something :smiley:


Yes, good points :grinning:. Price will continue to tell…:crescent_moon:


Cool. I put around 900 bux in to OMG when it was $8.
Waited for two weeks. Now it is at 1500k :slight_smile: Not bad…
Follow Peter & make money. It is as simple as that.


any point putting money into OMG right now? or is it too high???


its too high at the moment, buy in when it drops.


Wait until everyone gets emotional.
Then buy it real good.


Are people planning to sell it whilst it’s high and convert to BTC?

Will people buy it back on the dip?

Who is just HODLing it to the moon?

Genuinely interested. Thought I was going to HODL it but thinking I Could end up with more OMG if I bought and sold on the imminent dip.


Depends on your own goals…
My goal was make 0.5 Btc and not lose money with Omg :).
Already done 0.1 BTC. Lets see where it takes us.


HODLing to the moon. Not touching it until 2018. If it dips, I just buy more.


Yeah I guess that is my plan


Don’t just follow blindly my friend. Learn and spend time doing some due diligence. Peter has a roll much bigger than ours and could probably afford to lose it and it wouldn’t dent his overall portfolio. I use this form as a learning tool as well as a community for support and advice. I then study and read as much as I can. Good luck!!


Thanks for your advice.
I don’t just follow him blindly.
I still look at his coin reviews & then decide.