$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



I’m only holding like 10, I really excited about getting in more


OMG has definitely been my best performing coin so far.


how do you guys feel buying, now when its so close to an all time high? just look for perspective.


I don’t think it is perhaps the best time from short term perspective. So much volatility in general. But i’m a hodl’er and think OMG will be much higher over nxt 12mnths


Stop! Never buy the Top


I’m planning on holding aswell. I have been watching/ learning about omg for weeks now. I almost bought when it was 6 usd wish I did…


Can OMG surpass Ethereum?


I would wait for a dip of some sort. Buying at the top is not a good idea. Even on a solid coin.

There would have to be some crazy positive news for it to continue running up IMO.


ATM tested 3 times in the past 3 days…

Now I watching if OMG will be bouncing back from 0.5 fib or not…I’m waiting a good opportunity to buy more shares.

RSI is kinda low.
Short term mvt is still below the Long term mvt.


Anyone check the OBV indicator yet???
I like OMG. But with Charts I have to throw it away when markets follow the news. Turns into a HODL. I was thinking about a week ago or so should hit 30 to 40.

Since news break out about ico ban or exchanges ban, im just been trading the swings. Very profitable.

I really dont get it and do get how ppl worry when market goes south, the fundemantals are their Crypto is not going away. it’s decentralised.

OMG is solid if you ask me looking at the charts. I owe a bit, but my goal is to turn a profit so I can get more Satoshi for Bitcoin. Not sure what everyone major holdings are but mine is 50% BTC and 30Eth the rest im just trying to get more satoshi to increase my BTC.

But I can see OMG solid, just worry about the news. its all FUD. But im out of OMG once it hits 30 dollars and if it still has volume and hype going with it sell 40


I’m not using OBV but I’m going to learn about it, thanks.

Maybe I can implement it on my daily chart analysis :slight_smile:

Now I’m using a combination of Chart patterns + MACD + RSI and FIB levels.
I started trading 2 month ago, so I’m kinda new in the cryptoworld. Also, as English is not my first speaking language, sometimes the learning process can be a little bit slower and complicated.


binance is adding omg


I told my dad i’d doubled my money on OMG. He handed me a hundred quid and said β€œYou can go and do the same for me, boy” :slight_smile:


Make sure you charge him a brokerage fee. :joy:


I’ll just pretend to be poloniex, and when he ask for his money i’ll tell them my wallet is currently under maintenance :slight_smile:


I lol’d so loud…hahaha :joy:


Sounds like a hot punting tip you git there



Thanks for sharing, just bought more OMG. When Binance announced that they would add CVC it went up 36%.


Don’t you love fathers?