$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



Binance just has too small of a volume to prop up normal everyday activity.

Poloniex 24hr volume = $160 Mill

Binance 24hr volume = $44 Mill

By contrasts Bittrex sits at $325 Mill


Good point. Interesting! Good to know for when this stuff happens in the future with other coins (or OMG again)


Just missed my sell on the first pump had it at 0.0033, back to hodl…


I sold at 13.20 because I know everyone likes to sell the news…



Here is the dump…


From Binance’s site



my sell target is 0.0034 satoshi. If i have to wait for a week or a month or 2 so be it.
I just want more BTC.


The Binance push might not be over. Its just open for an hour or so. Many people didnt have the change to get in as of yet.
Ill be keeping a close eye on the charts today! ( Sorry boss ) closing office door…


well lets hope it pumps to 0.0034 LOL in next 24 hours LOL.


That is indeed what I have concluded as well (only been here for 6 weeks)


lol jup, I made 36% over night :slight_smile: bought at 0.391, sold at 0.53 and bought more CVC when it dipped :slight_smile:


cool, when is the convention?


Please keep in mind that coinmarketcap is very much delayed, better is to use tradingview.com


Yes for sure, probably not this week or maybe even this month, but I expect 25 USD year end.


Thats great to know, thanks for sharing.


Lol, I love this guy! I put $650 in OMG and this dwarfs me! You da man! :sunglasses:


Nice trade!! congrats !!


Yeee first time letting some go, basically covered the cost of the ones im continuing to hodl :):slight_smile: