$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



WHY THE F… is it not going up now ?


Just be patient. I wait these things out. Bad FUD is far superior to good news. Plus. The haters only come out when coins go down. I wait for the silence of the haters too…


I think that’s for Omise and their payment platform and not specifically for the OmiseGO.


ahh year it might be


Think OMG may hit 11 USD


I don’t think it will today, but I think it will this week.


@ampike read here for an answer to your question :wink:


thanks! this helps alot


Great OMG article


Been keeping an eye on OMG and noticed it just dipped below $10. I cannot help but feel this is a mighty, mighty gift :relaxed:


I’m still long on OMG. It’s solid to me. But what do I know? LUL. Let’s get it!


LUL is not a nice word in dutch.


OMG under $10!!! YES PLEASE!


β€œBecause OMG can scale so effectively and because there will be a lot of fiat money on it, it will be possible to handle the whole world’s money transactions simultaneously.” :comet:


The rockets about to take of… hodl on


Damn @peter, you bought an ethereum token? :wink:


I have to slap myself once a month because I go almost full millennial and cry that OMG has barely doubled since I got it last August and I’m contemplating selling it! OMG long and strong! The number of twitter followers alone is a reason to hold…240k!


This is what will happen with a lot of longer term holds… people aren’t willing to hold for like 3-4 months…


I have been curious about this as well. I know @peter isn’t a big fan of ETH, but still seems to like OMG. Is it because it will eventually have its own blockchain? I know that they are pretty much the ones developing plasma that ETH will use as well. But hey, money is money. Ain’t no loyalty in this game!


Patience is a virtue isn’t it my friend.

Been holding OMG since August…