$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



I think that made me die a little inside. Holding longer than that especially for big projects is the way to go.


I mean… I’ll be holding for a LONG time 5+ years easy. But then again, I have more stake in this game.


I’m getting rid of ETH to get more OMG


OMG putting together some good news recently. Solid work with Thai government.

To my knowledge, OMG are still not marketing, or not marketing heavily.


Buying at these prices is a very good idea. I see OMG doing some big things this year.


Been thinking about getting into OMG to. Looks to have a solid use in real world. Still learning about this stuff so a little sca red to jump in


OMG prices are the same as of Aug. 2017. I am going to trade LTC for OMG today. at a loss cause I bought LTC when it was $155, but I believe I can gain more with OMG than LTC in the long run


I would keep Litecoin because of the Lindy Effect and DCA into OMG.


OMG is mooning - congrats to all hodlers



β€˜World Exchange’ is popping up quite a bit…Jun and the team are getting hugely ambitious.


Thought that was michael (boxmining) for a second!


omg on coinone, announced in the last 30 min, pump y0000 haha



Happy to hear that news thanks for the update :sunglasses:


Didn’t get a chance to watch the AMA this morning, does anyone know where I can find a transcript?


Didn’t look hard enough


You might find something here, as far as I understand airdrop will be this August, not sure on ratio though.


Thanks! I hadn’t bothered to check their YouTube page until after my post. Link above.


Wow OMG marketing team doing great work pumping there Product, just got to love some of the merchandising they are doing.:+1::sunglasses: