$10K into OMG - Stay tuned! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€



Hey happy Friday and thank you :handshake:


Your more than welcome, I would certainly be going all-in on that OMG:+1::sunglasses:


You my friend… is a good man. :raised_hands:


Check this guy out. Accumulating massive amounts of OMG.


Seems like a good time. OMG is down quite a bit right now.


You just found a whale or at least somebody with a good trading bot.


@CraigMak @mwlang My thinking is this is an indicator of something coming :man_shrugging:


Nah, I wouldn’t read a darn thing into that beyond whale extracting his profits from exchange on regular basis.


I think there is some sort of airdrop in August cant quite remember the full details but it may have something to do with that.


The other strange thing; Its exactly 1% of the total OMG supply


The last two transactions don’t fit with the rest.


I have trouble seeing the Electrify Asia airdrop being the reason.


Man I keep eying OMG at the current price and it’s getting very tempting to jump in. I think I want to see it go a little lower and then I might grab some.


Yeah I don’t really think that would be the reason either but its all I have at this point in time as I haven’t been keeping up with the project since buying a small portion in a while ago.


I’m with you on this one, I like the project its got a real world use case and is in operation if not fully implemented yet & these prices I am thinking of dipping in again.:+1::sunglasses:


OMG, Korean pump coin?
That volume is silly. Thin everywhere


OMG’s price is absolutely redonculously low. $1.50 range is an insane buy IMO. So crazy!


I did a thing today. I had a litlle over 600 EOS, I was the biggest fan boy of EOS advocated and defended it like anything. But today I sold 500 of my EOS and bought OMG instead. I hope I made the right move. I still kept 100 EOS. I suck at letting go :slight_smile:


Let it go! Let it go! Buy it back cheaper! Who knows, maybe you’ll have 200 EOS for same cost basis if you sell it today. :smiley:

Emotional attachment is what kills most investors’ profits, mine, included. There’s a fine art (and skill) to investing without emotional entanglements. We all want our favorite products, services, companies, and outfits to exceed our expectations.


@mwlang Thankyou for the reminder. I think its time. So long EOS. I only have 2 shit coins left in my portfolio Cloak and Haven Protocol. I bought them both because of a very low circulation and they are down by 95%. Ill just keep them till the market picks so that i can minimize my losses