12 hours at Munich Airport [Midnight to Noon July 14] -- Looking for Help (for the Family)

Hello Bitcoin Pub Family,

This Saturday (July 13 / 14) my family flies from Amsterdam to Munich (to LAX).

We discovered that we have a situation where we have to figure out what to do from 11:00pm (Sat night) until our flight at 12:05pm (Sun).

Does anyone have experience with the MUNICH Airport?

Is there a place to sleep over night? Cheap for a family of 4?
Any ideas?

This is the first place I’m asking.

My next action step is to find out if we can change flights (low probability, but I’m going for it).

Thanks for your help and support. This is a good community.


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Starting to find some good stuff.



Sometimes people have tons of free stuff because they fly corporate and they have access to nicer lounges in the airports.

I know my dad did when he flew a lot for work.

Just throwing it out there. No big deal if not.

My kids are having a great attitude about this situation.

"This will be like an adventure."
"Lets make the most of it."

I’m just a dad trying to make it more fun and memorable.

Best to you!


One day tour

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Looks like we’ll be staying in some of these.


They have been very responsive and helpful.
Totally recommend them.

Florian has been excellent!

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