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A recently conducted survey revealed that 13% of Amazon users would be comfortable buying Bitcoin (BTC) using the e-commerce platform. The survey was conducted by Investing.com a few days ago. The same percentage of individuals answered that they would also be comfortable purchasing drugs and medical marijuana using Amazon.

13% of Shoppers Would Purchase Bitcoin Through Amazon

Virtual currencies expanded all over the world during the last years. As they grew and reached new individuals, services related to them have also been created. In order to purchase virtual currencies, it is possible to go to a Bitcoin ATM, use an exchange platform or just buy from another person.

The new survey that was conducted by Investing.com shows that exactly 12.7% of the respondents would purchase virtual currencies using Amazon.

The question made to Amazon users was the following:

“Which of the following product and service offerings would you feel comfortable purchasing under the Amazon brand?”

72.9% of the respondents answered that they would feel comfortable purchasing Amazon-branded computers. It is worth mentioning that the company has a loyal customer base around the world. Subscribers tend to spend almost double the amount of money that non-subscribers spend per year on the site.

51.7% of the individuals surveyed answered that they would purchase local coupons and deals. Already with a smaller percentage, 36.7% of users would purchase prescription drugs. Those answering the survey were able to select more than one product or service.

Other possible answers were Medical marijuana (29.5%), Pet care services (22.9%), News (21.2%), Ride-sharing services (17.7%), Cybersecurity (16.4%), Virtual doctor visits (16%), Health care coverage (15.3%), Hospitality services (13.1%) and Public transportation (12.8%).

This shows that individuals do not want Jeff Bezos to build a Bitcoin and crypto exchange. However, there are some figures in the cryptocurrency space that believe that Amazon would ultimately have to embrace digital currencies in the future. One of the many options is to do it as a means of payment.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market wrote on Twitter:

“For any internet (non-physical) based business, I don’t understand why anyone would not accept crypto payments. It is easier, faster and cheaper to integration than traditional payment gateways. Less paperwork. And reaches more diverse demographic and geography.”


Using Bitcoin to pay for goods on Amazon - that’s the killer.


i think this is imminent. this is why we’re building the infrastructure now… with tools like #meta:yen!


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