17 years later, we still need to stop and ask,, was 9/11 was an inside job?



Almost no one believes the planes were fake (with the exception of the one that supposedly hit the pentagon).

And I suggest researching this again. Look at the controlled demolition of tower 7 after plans were already presented for a replacement building, the pentagon accounting department being hit the day after the senate demanded an audit of the missing money, the fact that fuel cannot melt those steel beams, the chemical residue found on the perfectly sheered steel beams, etc.

This isn’t conspiracy. This is hundreds of pages worth of actual data that outright proves that the event was domestic.

As for calling it “dumb”… I won’t even go there.


For counter to that line of thought see


There was no controlled demolition of WTC7.

Here’s a good set of videos that go over every thing you mentioned and more to show how exactly 9/11 wasn’t a conspiracy in that sense:

Obviously you can do more research into the points given to prove to yourself that the conspiracies are wrong.

If the US government were to make such a massive conspiracy I don’t think they’d make it bait with a controlled demolition.

Maybe the US was behind planes crashing into the towers, but I don’t think a controlled demolition or anything like that on any building took place.

If we don’t have a degree in engineering there’s very little point discussing the validity of the 9/11 collapse anyways


Thanks for the videos. I’m going to give them a watch later tonight. :slight_smile:


Okay, I just watched these, and ugh… there’s very little actual substance here.

Ever see those late night comedy shows where they interview people on the street, and then ridicule them? That’s basically what this guy is doing. He’s asking idiots questions, and then disproving a lot of the nonsense that they say. Like for fucks sake, he interviews a nut-job who thinks it’s all based on numerology. lol

Granted there are a few instances where I felt his arguments were completely valid, such as the steel beams bending and the thermite evidence. However even if that’s true (and I’ll have to do further research to learn more), it does not disprove the greater theory. The rest of his arguments were mostly speculation rather than actual evidence.

Also his analysis of building 7, the pentagon, etc…complete nonsense. A few times he says “watch this footage which clearly shows ______” and while watching it I’m seeing something completely different than his intended viewpoint.

I appreciate your contrarian input, however the evidence is still overwhelmingly in favor of this being domestic.


Him interviewing people doesn’t really affect his argument.

His analysis of WTC7 going down due to fire is completely valid and backed by facts. He even goes as far as to explain how the exact way the building fell proves it, What parts specifically don’t make sense to you?

The satire of officials talking in the pentagon video is also completely valid. The amount of effort to fake a plane crashing into the pentagon would be more than just having a plane crash into a pentagon. There’s no reason for it to happen.

None of his evidence proves that the US wasn’t behind it. Just that there was no fake planes or demolitions.


Anyone remember the live news video of the BBC saying WTC7 went down & there it was standing over her shoulder?

As for the Pentagon, why confiscate all CCTV footage in the area?

Guilty as sin.


The official report states that column 79 failed, which brought the building down…in seconds, and at nearly free fall? Granted it’s MAYBE possible, but because some random guy on Youtube says its due to “office fires”, then it’s “proven”?


Other WTC towers fell that were under the main towers. Its far more likely that she simply stated the wrong number, rather than being rivy to premeditated media manipulation.

I believe that 911 was an act of domestic terrorism, but selectively. A lot of the more controversial “evidence” is nonsense.


‘office fires’ lol. You mean massive raging fires for a prolonged period of time. Yes, yes it could collapse from that. It’s not because some guy said it - it’s because it makes logical sense.

Everything about the way the building collapsed proves how it was due to column 79 failing in the way that it did.


The collapse of WTC7 happens at freefall speed which means no resistance. I actually met the guy, David Chandler who is personally responsible for getting NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) having to admit that freefall occurred. Freefall happens only when the columns are cut, just like any other control demolition. When objects fall that momentum goes towards the path of least resistance. Going straight down is the path of most resistance and is totally impossible unless the columns have been cut… This is a high school level physics problem.

I remember when I met Richard Gage from architects and engineers of 9/11 truth. Richard proved to us that there’s only one building in human history that’s a skyscraper that came down due to office fires. In the entire history of the world Building 7 is the only time that ever happened. When people ask NIST to show the code used to make the computer modal of the official pancake theory narrative. NIST will NOT allow anyone to audit the code Because it would “Jeopardize National Security”. So all these models that are being pointed to justify the freefall happening to 3 buildings even though only 2 get hit by a plane in the same city on the same day are based off of data that can’t be audited. I’m suggesting to you that data has been manipulated to make those models work out on a computer screen.

Most of the metal from the buildings just got sent to China and destroyed ASAP. Though even today you can go to many of the memorials for 9/11 in different city’s and you will likely find traces of Active Thermitic Material Discovered on that steel. I put the research paper in the attachment to this post for more proof on that topic.

6 of the 10 9/11 commission members publicly made statements that we needed a real investigation. That’s over 50% of the commission that was there to whitewash it. Over 50% of the 9/11 commission is on the record saying what they had been a part of was a whitewash of the topic. Originally that commission was supposed to be run by war criminal Henry Kissinger but at the last moment it moved to Philip a friend of the Bush family.

In the 28 pages of than the classified section of the 9/11 commission report it’s stated that the funding for the hijackers came from Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud of Saudi Arabia’s wife’s bank account. That guys nickname was Bandar Bush for how much time he had spent with the Bush family.

The market manipulation happening on Wall Street on 9/11 is a documented and timestamped. You can believe whatever you want about 9/11 but it’s an incontrovertible fact that the market manipulation that was happening that day is from insider knowledge. Further up in this thread you can find Robert Baer the number one CIA case officer in American history admitting on tape that he knew someone who cashed out the day before whose brother worked at the White House…

Regardless of who or what was responsible for 9/11 It was used as an excuse to go to war forever, Kill millions of people, Spend 7+ trillion dollars as we reach the edge of bankruptcy right now, and take civil liberties and rights away. It is the greatest single lie you have ever been told in your entire life other than JFK and the truth about if we are alone in the universe. What I’m telling you is that as somebody that put this entire thread here. We already know what happened that day was a huge lie. We’ve already seen as many anomalies and confirmations as anyone could ever expect that the official narrative is a huge lie. We’ve already heard all of the excuses that supporters of the official narrative have.

I think we’re about to see something even I didn’t expect. I think 2019 could be the year of 9/11 truth. It will set off a chain reaction of truth that could change the world forever. All of the destruction,All of the loss of life, All of the expense. One time my friend got to ask Ron Paul how long it would be before the American public heard the truth about 9/11. Ron looked at my friend and told him probably about 100 years. There’s a chance that it’s not going to be 100 years, There’s a chance that you’re in the beginning of the secrets revealed section of American and World History right now!!! I can sit here and win on facts all day I have an entire thread right above here with nothing but proof, But I think emotions are more powerful than facts, and the emotions that surround 9/11 have done exactly what they were designed to do, Witch is scare the shit out of you and get you to give up your rights and go along with some of the craziest fucking out-of-control things you’ve ever seen in your life like going to war forever… Every strong Idea eventually has it’s day and for 9/11 truth it could very well be a lot closer than people think;-)


Yes, “office fires” as reported in the official NIST report. The building was fire retardant, and yet somehow basic materials in the offices melted steel hours after the fact, to the point where it fell at near free fall speeds. Clearly your definition of “proof” is subjective (mind you, I made a similar claim earlier, so clearly my version of ‘proof’ isn’t any more accurate :stuck_out_tongue:).



Rewatch the video:

It explained to you why exactly the building fell as it did.


So 7UP when you see all 23 angles of Building 7 fall you can’t tell thats a controlled demolition??? Look’s pretty obvious to every architect I’ve ever known and showed it to. I even eventually met a guy that owns a controlled demolition company and he was like “Building 7 is as clear cut a case of what I do every day as anything I could ever point to.” I actually went and personally got together with, Lots of first responders, Lots of pilots including a guy that had even had flown one of the planes that crashed that day within his career as a pilot. 3000+ architects that signed on to architects and engineers of 9/11 truth that build most of the skyscrapers of the United States and the world on record. I’ve talked to siblings of people to died that day.

The people that are on the ground, the people that actually meet these people in person and actually do the hard work to go and find what happened are who people should look at the evidence from. Earlier up in this thread I have firefighters on tape telling you that there were bombs in the basement of the building’s that went off when they went in there. Go tell those firefighters it never happened and see how much they give a fuck what you have to say… As mentioned my friend David Chandler got NIST to admit free fall occurred. NIST did not wan’t to admit free fall had ever happened because unlike 7UP they realized it was going to be somewhere between hard and impossible to convince anybody that was literate that physics had stopped just that day, in just that moment, just that one time. Have you just never seen a controlled demolition before? I’ll put a comparison video below after this. Look at Building 7 next to different controlled demolition examples that have been filmed so the people of can compare and contrast multiple examples of what a known controlled demo looks like. The free fall is the #1 biggest observation as it only happens when columns are cut… the 2nd observation is a crimp in the middle as the center columns get cut first just seconds before the outer columns. Three Buildings don’t just fall into their footprint at free fall without help, especially on the same day. Take some time and look at the documentation for their for Nano-thermite particles being found pretty much everywhere near Ground Zero. If you’re going to suggest that there was no Nano-thermite then you need to be able to explain the data from multiple institutions and labs that found the clear evidence of it. You can’t just point to a video and act like it can explain how physics is just suspended for the only example in human history that occurs that way.

In the end I expect people just like 7UP (who might even be a cool guy for all I know) to likely have full-blown mental breakdowns as they’re forced to actually integrate something that they are so sure they don’t need to. If people wish to trust in the corporate matrix they’re free to do so, but don’t be surprised when you realize the corporate matrix never had your best interest in mind, EVER. Enjoy the bankruptcy of the United States caused by everything based off this one big lie. Enjoy the loss of all of your civil rights that have been taken from you, and Enjoy when it happens again because all of these large wars are almost always started with a false flag so that you people will justify what ultimately constitutes all of our total distraction. Normal people don’t want to go to war and spend all of their hard earned savings on defense contractors for reasons that don’t need to exist. By causing these inflammatory false flag moments the establishment can point to the intensity of that moment and use it to jerk your emotions into a long-term horrible conflict… The False Flags allow the perpetrators of the chaos to pose as the saviors to the problem that they secretly created… To go even further along that line we know that the reason that the CIA/Intelligence agencies uses false flags is because the national security act doesn’t legally allow them to metal in other countries business in anyway. So apart from being a strategic advantage it’s also a illegal one because believe it or not the CIA doesn’t have legal permission to do what they’ve been doing longer than I’ve been alive. If you want to be the seeds of your destruction you’re free to do so, Good luck with that…


WTC 7 - Side by Side Comparison to Controlled Demolition
There used to be a version of this that Richard Gage showed me that was over 10 minutes long, I wish I could find that one…


As far as I’m concerned, it’s undeniable.

It’s possible that a a steel building collapses due to fire… but three in one day, and all at near free fall speeds?

Give me a break. It’s basic physics.


Building 7 was a 47 story complex that would’ve been the biggest building in 38 states. I just went back to the government’s own website and downloaded a digital version of the 9/11 Commission Report. I searched the entire thing for WTC 7. There isn’t a single page in the entire commission report that deals with the actual collapse of Building 7 in anyway. It was such a huge glaring fuck-up that whoever was running this choose to leave it out of the report. Think for a second about how mind blowing that is. A 47 story complex that would’ve been the biggest building in 38 states is not accounted for at any level. They didn’t even put their own lie about how it fell in the report. Building 7 and the physics of how it occurred is literally missing from the report. Building 7 (WTC7) is mentioned on these 4 pages = P.284,P.293,P302,P305. Go an check it out for your self;-)


Im sure there was a fire in a building in Madrid in 05, it burned for 20 hrs, never collapsed :thinking:


Claim Three:

“Tower 7, which wasn’t hit by a plane, collapsed neatly into its own footprint.”

World Trade Center Building 7Courtesy of the Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

The enigma of WTC 7 is becoming increasingly popular in Truther circles. We’re told that it wasn’t hit by a plane and was subjected to just a few “small office fires.” Yet it collapsed anyway, late in the afternoon of September 11, “falling neatly into its own footprint at freefall acceleration, just like a normal controlled demolition.” In particular, Truthers point to a brief period of freefall (2.25 seconds) that was confirmed by NIST in its WTC 7 final report (Sunder 2008; NIST 2010) as proving that the building was purposely imploded. However, WTC 7, too, fails to prove 9/11 was an “inside job”:

  • What is often conveniently left out of the story are actual reports from NYFD firefighters at the scene, which describe huge, raging, unfought fires on many floors at once and visible deformations and creaking of the building prior to its collapse (Roberts 2008). Tower 7 was not hit by an airplane; however, it was struck by a 110-story flaming skyscraper, the North Tower. The fires raged for hours, and they eventually caused a critical column (#79) to fail because of thermal expansion; NIST determined that this column was crucial to the building and could even be considered a design flaw. Its failure would have collapsed the building even without the other structural damage from WTC 1’s collapse and the fires.
  • WTC 7’s brief 2.25 seconds of free fall is now the Truthers’ best “smoking gun.” The claim usually goes like this: “The fifty-eight perimeter columns would have resisted and slowed the collapse to much less than freefall. The ‘freefall’ of WTC 7, admitted to by NIST, proves it was controlled demolition.” The problem is that this is a straw man argument. NIST found the collapse occurred in three stages. The first stage, which lasted 1.75 seconds, is when the fifty-eight perimeter columns were buckled; during this interval, the rooftop actually fell only about seven feet. This is because the breaking of columns saps speed, indeed making the collapse slower than free fall. In the second stage, which lasted 2.25 seconds, the already-buckled columns provided negligible support, and the north face of the structure free-fell about eight stories. (Try taking a plastic drinking straw and buckling it by folding it over and then pushing down on the bent straw with your hand. The crimped straw provides almost no resistance to vertical forces, and neither did the buckled columns of WTC 7.) The third stage described by NIST, which lasted 1.4 seconds, was again less-than-free fall, as the structure fell another 130 feet as it impacted more non-buckled structures toward the bottom of the building (NIST 2010).
  • The other half of the equation is that WTC 7 resembles a “classic controlled demolition” because it supposedly “imploded, collapsing completely, and landed in its own footprint” (Gage 2011). In actuality, it twisted and tilted over to one side as it fell, and parts of the building severely damaged two neighboring buildings (the Verizon and Fiterman Hall structures). When challenged with the obvious fact that Tower 7 spilled far outside its footprint, however, Truthers will often change their tune and start saying that any resemblance to a natural collapse is part of the cover-up .

Factions within 9/11 Truth

Early on, it was mainly MIHOP (“Made it happen on purpose”) versus LIHOP (“Let it happen on purpose”). Nowadays most serious Truthers down-pedal the “no-planers,” who say no plane hit the Pentagon or even the Towers. There is considerable friction between some groups, with certain 9/11 Truth groups attacking others as “disinformation agents.” However, 9/11 Truth is mostly a big tent. Many “serious” groups such as AE911 Truth quietly champion “no-planers” such as former pilot Dwain Deets, engineer Anders Bjorkman, and Craig Ranke of Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) (Gage 2011). Gage formally withdrew his support of CIT in February 2011, even as his website touted 9/11 articles in Foreign Policy Journal , an online publication notorious for its frequent forays into Holocaust denial.


As Ted Goertzel pointed out in his recent Skeptical Inquirer article “The Conspiracy Meme: Why Conspiracy Theories Appeal and Persist,” “When an alleged fact is debunked, the conspiracy meme often just replaces it with another fact” (Goertzel 2011). In another ten years, will the 9/11 Truth movement have developed new arguments, or will it stick with the polished claims discussed here? Either way, it appears this American conspiracy theory classic is here to stay.