1977 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer motorcycle


1977 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer
This bike has placed in every bike show it ihas entered and has been invited to two Contour D’elegances
Own one of the best Cafe Racers out there today!!
Buyer responsible for pick up or delivery of motorcycle
The price is 5 Bitcoin
Please contact me for more information and photos or videos! You can find pictures of the build on Instagram by searching me FatPuddin

Thank you,
Fat Puddin


wow, stunning bike, perfect colour scheme for this style and era.


Nice, wish I could buy it.


Amazing! love cafe racers!!! do you follow racer tv? on youtube lol


Dammm thats NICE!!!


Thank you!!!
She sounds and rides better than she looks :grinning::grinning:


Thank you so much!!!
I do watch the show it’s actually pretty good and on the website you can find this bike being featured :grinning::grinning:


Hello, all it takes is five Bitcoin’s and this baby is in your driveway !!!


That bike is BEAUTIFUL! If I wasn’t HODL’ing all of my crypto, I’d be tempted to buy it and park it in my living room. That’s a collector piece.

Here’s a pic of my R6:


omg. that is a beauty!


Its a beauty! Just a perfect build. Worth every bit of that BTC.

This is my baby :grinning:


I’ll give you 5 doge for it


hahaha. take the deal…Nope!


Thank you, I thought about parking it in my living room but I built it to be ridin and she’s a great ride!!!


Thank you !!!
It’s a hard bike to ride because everyone stops me and asks me tons of questions about the bike!!!
I love it tbough​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::heart_eyes:


Thank you!!!
You bike is amazing too!!!
I’ll race you!!!


Let’s race!!!
My bike is geared for racing!!! She’s very quick off the line!!!
Racing from cafe to cafe…Cafe Racer​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thank you!!!
I’ll let’s you ride it for 5 doge​:grinning::grinning:
Only because I love the doge


That exhaust is sweet. Who made that??


Yes it is!!! Thank you
It’s a stock 4 into 1 with a custom tip on the end. You should hear her run!! Sound amazing!!!
you can check out more pictures of the bike on instagram search for fatpuddin