2010 Harley-Davidson Road King Police FLHTP For Sale


2010 Harley-Davidson Road King Police FLHTP that has been customized with blacked out & brass details, fishtail exhaust, 2-up aftermarket seat plus extra 2-up seat, custom paint, beach bars, vintage details, passenger pegs, detachable windshield. Google for full specs but highlights are 6-speed Cruise Drive, 6 gal fuel tank + 1 gal reserve, electronic sequential port fuel injection, hardshell law enforcement bags. 36,268 miles. $11,495. Located in Rapid City, SD.



I know nothing about motor bikes but ive got to say that looks like a work of Art:+1:


Whut…the F*CK?



My sewer line failed, gonna cost me $5000 to $10,000 that I don’t have. I don’t want to sell it but I’m going to have to. I’m not selling ICX yet, it’s not back yet. Life and unexpected large bills are hammering me at the moment.


Well big hopes for ya girl. If you have a local Craigslist it’s worth listing there too. I seriously pouted for a week when mine went bye bye (forced Geico to total it).


I’ve got it listed on FB marketplace, craigslist, here, snapchat, and instagram. I should put it on Tinder lol. fuck. I don’t want to sell it. But I’m between a rock and a hard place and not enjoying this fuck at all.


I would swipe right on that pic:+1:…sorry it has to go,but ICX will get you another soon enough.Hang on in there. single life sucks in ill health and big house bills!