2018 Bitcoin in Review - The Markets, Tech, and Future of Crypto for 2019!



Wow. I can’t believe it’s almost 2019 already! So much has happened.

It would be far too easy to simply say that 2018 was a year of a bear market… while this is true, it belies the real work happening in the background… and there is a lot of it happening.

If you’d like a recap of 2017’s Bitcoin Year in Review, make sure to check out last years here!

Coming into 2018 from 2017, I had a couple of ideas in my mind, but did they happen?:

  • Brand new business models with REAL solutions to problems will emerge. Not just “we use blockchain” type of crap - SOMEWHAT - We saw big businesses still dabble in ‘blockchain’ and private networks
  • ICOs will die, or evolve into something far more effective - SOMEWHAT - ICOs certainly were liquidating ETH to stay afloat. Many went under. ICOs for Q1/Q2 were still very very hot…
  • New (and real) scaling solutions will be proposed, implemented, argued about, and actually used - YES - More second layer, more Lightening! - Some of the biggest advancements in cryptocurrency are with Lightening and second layer solutions for Bitcoin. (I) personally am VERY excited about these developments as we plan to use a lot of these frameworks in the future
  • Big companies will begin to understand Bitcoin as a monetary policy - YES - Especially those companies in finance, stock markets
  • Big companies will begin deploying blockchain solutions - YES… many of them are private blockchains. What’s one way to measure growth? - Hiring. They have been hiring
  • ETFs will emerge - NO - Looks like this is going out to 2019 Q1/Q2
  • Interoperability and integration of existing blockchains will begin - YES. YEN.io… there are a select few of noteworthy projects looking deeply into interoperability, however, many aren’t willing to do the hard lifting in this regard
  • AI + Blockchain = Singularity event (conspiracy) - NO - Still a ways out
  • Asia will lead volume in market cap trading - YES - Asia will still be a thing

Let’s review how 2018 turned out…

  • Cryptocurrency started out as a boom and quickly went bust as more than 80% was lost during the 2018 bear market and over $700B lost

  • However, we have almost 24M bitcoin wallets that have been set up globally, and according to Cambridge University, there are about 2.9M to 5.8M daily active Bitcoin users with 5% of them being American (we’re small)

  • Market growth has been phenomenal - millions of merchants are getting their systems ready for crypto - crypto is becoming money!

  • Google and Facebook banned crypto advertising, but still loves crypto scams - 2019 will be a year of alternative platforms (more on this below)

  • Fees has improved - We’re quickly seeing the dissolution of fees

  • 9 cryptocurrency ETFs were rejected by Washington, including the Winklevoss twins from Gemini

  • Personal data - Cryptocurrency transactions are becoming a powerful alternative to banking mechanisms that collect all your information

  • International use of crypto for cross-boarder transactions is increasing - In many ways, Ripple is leading the way

  • China is continuing to oscillate it’s stance on cryptocurrencies - Right now it’s pretty much banned

  • Japan and S. Korea have been developing regulatory frameworks to protect investors and Singapore has positioned itself as the blockchain hub of the Asia-Pacific region

  • March G20 meeting - The Financial Stability Board announced that digital currencies were not a threat to the global banking system

  • NASDAQ began to dip it’s toe in the water with crypto in April of this year

  • Big players like Coinbase, Binance, and Houbi have been aggressively expanding despite the bear market. Switzerland and Malta have become premier locations for crypto-startups

  • October was the 10th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper

  • BCHABC and BCHSV communities fought the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash

  • STOs are coming on-board with a fresh take from the SEC and CTFC regarding it’s ruling (more on this below)

  • Many ICOs and crypto-startups are digging in the for the long haul

  • This December the G20 international forum decides to regulate the crypto sector for the usual reasons, for AML and financing of “terrorism”

What will happen in 2019?

  • The rise of stable coins

  • ETFs will come online

  • More institutional products will be proposed: Exchange Traded Products [ETP], Exchange Traded Commodities [ETC]

  • Asia will continue to lead regulation, innovation, and expansion

  • Coinbase will go IPO

  • YEN.io will be launched!

  • More interoperability and integration between existing blockchains

  • Asia will take an even bigger role in crypto

  • I would personally like to see ATH for BTC!***

  • Less and less will anyone be able to say Bitcoin (as a technology) is a bubble.


Where will we be as a business in 2019?

The current growth in YEN.io has been amazing. In 2018, we launched YEN. Thank you for every question, encouragement, and piece of feedback you’ve given along the way. We couldn’t have come this far without you, and we’re excited to continue with you all into 2019. Make sure to stay on top of all that we’re doing on our github.

There’s much to look forward to in the new year, On the roadmap, #whenbinance, private groups, wallets, and more yenizens to welcome. But for now, let’s close out 2018 with how far we’ve come together, especially in these last 2 months:

What else can we say? 2018 has been a phenomenal year for our business that we’re co-building with the community. 2019 is going to be the best year ever… I cannot wait to share what will be happening.


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Project or protect?..


Yeh. I captured that change in my video.



And it’s been one hell of a year!


The Japanese Yen (JPY) and the U.S. Dollar (USD) are the two most dominant national currencies used in Bitcoin/fiat trading. According to the latest data from Coinhills, JPY accounts for 50.63% in Bitcoin/fiat trading over the last 24 hours as of 26th December 2018, followed by USD for 42.40%.

“Meanwhile, Bitcoinist reported last week that Asian markets tend to have a bigger impact on BTC price than the US and Europe, according to cryptocurrency research firm Mosaic. If the trend holds, Japan, in particular, could give the USD a run for its money when it comes to fiat trading pairs. The land of the rising sun is known for its crypto-friendly laws and embracing BTC commerce with major retailers accepting bitcoin both at brick and mortar stores and online.”

Watch out for asia.