2018 Goal Accountability

Alright, we are one month down into 2018. What gets measured gets done.

Every year I make personal and professional goals. Writing out the process makes you strive for it. But, also tracking the progress keeps you on pace as well.

So, let’s hear about your progress and if you haven’t started working towards them what your next steps are! Here’s my progress for january. I visualize this thread as a motivator for all of us to push each other! Lets hear yours.


-Hit all monthly workout goals!
-Only threw away 2 food items this month. Goal was zero. Due to me not checking the dates and not unpacking produce properly. Goal for February, zero wasted food. 2017 was SO bad so doing great.
-Sober January complete, Paleo goals complete
-Financial spending cut 15% and under budget in Jan! Need to reduce 10 more percent

-Failed to publically launch company before February(website and social) Should happen Monday!
-Have 2/3 test pilot (proof of concept) clients engaged, need 3 completed by April 1.
-Financial pace off 50% OUCH. Should improve with company launch. Gotta get busy.
-Networked with 3+ knew people. Goal was 3.
-On pace to complete business books, goal is 1 a quarter.


I like this. A lot.

This is how you win. Set those goals baby!


My 2018 goal is making x100 gains on my crypto portfolio. :smiley:
You have got more accessible and detailed goals which is better. Good luck.


i can dig it! let’s do it!


Hey guys, I made a Goal Tracker in Excel to help us document and track our goals through each month for the year. I divided goals into 4 categories, but you can customize the categories to suit yourself. Each goal has a colour-coded “Status” indicator for you to update as you progress through each goal you set out for that month. The colour-coded goals will give a visual overview of your overall progress for the month. If a goal is uncompleted at the end of the month, you simply copy and paste it into the next month to complete.

At the end of each month you could screenshot and post your month’s progress to share with the community (see mine below), and also post a screenshot of your next month’s goals. It would be great and encouraging to start and end each month in this format, so that we can all compliment and support each other.

I’ve only included 3 months in the workbook for review (since this is just the first version and modifications can be made). But the aim is for the workbook to have all 12 months and a next sheet for a summary of the year highlighting the year’s completed goals. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to make suggestions. I have included my own goals as a sample.

EDIT #1: I just realised I can’t upload the Excel file. Please advise how this can be done @peter @john thanks.

EDIT #2: Here’s the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BJ3IFn4V0R3ohmQisdTJHGx48XHDCn2o


Hi guys, I didn’t realise there wasn’t an actual file repository here on the pub, so I uploaded to OneDrive. Here’s the link to get started: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BJ3IFn4V0R3ohmQisdTJHGx48XHDCn2o

Lemme know what you guys think.


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