$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


Haha! I wish!

The good thing is, I think it’s definitely a lesson for the future.


You’re welcome, Nola! It’s pretty encouraging, eh?


I’m thinking of putting your experiment to the test for real, once the market goes red one of these days I will put 10K into the top 10 coins and see what happens over the course of one year. Can you guys imagine if we have an even bigger year than 2017 in 2018? I have a feeling crypto is just going to keep getting more and more popular as time goes on, by this time next year I bet btc will be over $10K. :expressionless: If we can go from $2000~>4400 in less then 3 weeks i think anything is possible for these coins.

I kind of want to do this with the top 50 coins lol. For real.

Thanks for posting James, loved the video.


You’re welcome!


Let me know if you go ahead with the experiment!


Even if you put 1K total into the top 10 one year ago, and split up 100$ per coin you’d have $20.4k now, which is ridiculous.


seriously that NEM, so far my only bad pick, I waited, then sold and bought other stuff


This thread makes me so excited for Cryptocurrency, I just hope that 2018 will be the biggest year yet.

I’ve spread my money around ~10 coins, but my biggest investments so far are in BTC, Neo and OMG.

I’d love to see a similar investigation into the returns on ICO’s in 2016/2017 to see if investing in ICO’s gives as good of a return as just investing in coins when they hit an exchange.


Congrats man! Very good example of what patience and hodling can do for you.


That IS pretty legit! hahah :rocket:


I know! That was quite a shocker! NEM is a coin that I don’t really know too much about (yet!)


@Piranhi that’s a good idea! Lot’s of people here giving me video/investigation ideas! Thanks so much!

@Genesis DEFO! Pumped more than ever for that HODL!


it’s got a huge market cap, was busting with great plans, good dev’s and has done nothing. I sold it off and put $ into neo. I had downloaded the staking wallet too, in the hopes it would take off, maybe it will…


If there is one thing I have learned lately it is to stick with coins you are comfortable with and believe in, even if it means you miss out on some GAINZ somewhere else.

There are SO many opportunities!


Thanks @jamesbrooks for this wonderful look back into history. The possibilities are endless


Definitely! This kind of stuff gets me SO pumped and makes me so grateful to be part of the #cryptonation at this exact moment in time!


Thanks for this! This really does put investing into crypto currencies into perspective. Maybe short-term HODL should be at least 1 year?

I get so excited about the crypto market that I sometimes forget we’re in this for the long run.


@jamesbrooks: You really got my attention this morning with that analysis of yours. It totally solidified the concept of simply executing a HODL strategy and sitting back and letting the market take care of the rest. Even if the next year is not as spectacular as 2016 to 2017 period has been, I am absolutely convinced a portfolio holding all top 10 coins will outpace anything I can do speculatively on the stock market.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been experimenting with various trades and while I’ve been making money, nothing’s really just flying off the page. I tend to get into a position only to watch it level off, then pull out a small profit and try another…meanwhile, losing a good chunk of change to transaction fees. It’s way more of an emotional investment than I want it to be. After reviewing your analysis and reviewing my performance over last three weeks, it’s abundantly clear what my strategy now is.

I’m putting this research into play now. My current strategy:

  1. boost BTC to 2.0 BTC holdings (just did this a little while ago).
  2. Distribute $9k evenly amongst the next 8 coins after BTC.
  3. Stake $500 on two wildcard coins in the top 25 selected for their underlying tech. At the moment, SC is a strong contender for one of the $500 stakes.

After that, I’m planning to make regular investments every other Friday into whichever coin has clawed it’s way into the top 15 and I deem worthy of staking a position. If no new coin cracks the top 15, I’ll pick one to boost my current stake in.

That’s the plan! Now I just hurry up and wait for the fiat currency to arrive at Coinbase…

Oh, and folks, I think it may be wiser to buy ETH and use ETH on the exchanges to buy into alt coin positions than to do the same with BTC to avoid ridiculous transaction fees. Staking my 2nd BTC this morning cost $64.35 in fees!



I may have to add some of this to my overall portfolio strategy.


@mwlang this sounds look a really cool strategy! Please do keep us updated on how it works out for you!


@JollyHobbler defo!

I’d love to know what your current portfolio strategy is? I am super interested in this stuff!