$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


I am running an experiment on one and hodling in the other.
my hodl is BTC and Exodus and right now I am stashing away in that for 1 btc and adding LTC as I can.
the other is my exchange portfolio. in that on I am working on refining my trading strategy and discipline my self to follow it and the thing I am doing there is taking minimal currently less than $100 and trading up to 1 full btc. This is slow as I typically look to take 3-5% per trade. I do have some longer term in that portfolio like NEO, and I have an out point set for them and I will pick the up a gain at a lower price.

Disclaimer: dont follow this as trading advice and understand I am trying things I would not recommend to others.


Love this post! I have really been forced to realize that I make a much better HODLer too. Thanks for being here and contributing brother. HODL on!


Great idea about buying ETH instead of BTC.

I wanted to get a TenX card the other day, but the fee’s of transferring the BTC from Coinbase to the TenX site were almost 1/3(!!!) of the cost of the card.

From now on I think I’ll just buy ETH if I’m looking at getting an Altcoin.


@jamesbrooks & @mwlang You both inspired me to make a back tester spreadsheet.
It definitely supports your statements. Invest & HODL!!

EDIT: Moved to documents category.

If anyone wants a copy, I’ll share it here via Google Sheets:


Awesome. Can you also put this in the documents ategory on a new thread and explain in simple terms how to use it for our cryptonation??? Thanks in advance!


Sounds like a plan. I’ll do it now

HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet

It seems to mess up after you go higher than 4 in the N coins column.
4 = 4 coins
5 = 7 coins
6 = 8 coins
7 = 9 coins and so on…



Hi @Piranhi
I made changes…try grabbing it again.

If your week span is a couple weeks or more, you will have several unique coins since the formula assumes investing over multiple weeks


Thanks man! Excellent!


Such an eye opener and another reason as to why it is so important to diversify even if it means small amounts being spread.


@cryptobrad I’m pretty sure that you are the MAN!

Heck yeah, @moongoals!


highlighted you in todays stream :slight_smile:


Moi? I was watching for most of it


Let’s say you did this - would you hold it all in secure wallets or leave it on exchanges?


And how would you determine goals for each coin? In the weekly top10, there are a lot of smaller coins that are going through a pump&dump. How do you determine wether to go for 1x, 2x, or more?


I think the idea is your strategy is HODL. Buy>>store>>wait>>celebrate


Maybe #peter should make 1 of those funds for us and we give him 1 BTC or whatever and let him run the investment for 1 year.

You reckon its a great idea?


I would definitely NOT leave it on an exchange. Where possible I would store in a hardware wallet for the HODL! Trezor or Ledger Nano.

Hope that helps, @GlobalLocal


@Racolini LOL - it’s a nice idea in theory - but imagine the difficult position it would put poor @peter in - pressure, much?


Thanks @jamesbrooks. I’m going to be putting.that theory to practice :slight_smile: