$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


You’re welcome! Just make sure you keep your backup phrase somewhere VERY safe incase of loss / damage of the device :wink:


Problem is - With bigger investment , you can offload to wallet, But if you decide to do smaller it gets difficult.

I believe if you keep the investment to top 20, There should be no issues offloading it to local wallet, as there will be substantial amount of crypto tokes/coins. Actually its a better idea to do so. Else your trading account starts to show these balances and can interfere with your decision when things go red or there is a market dip.

just my opinion


@peter not really. He makes the Exodus wallet on a spare PC his has. We all throw him 1 BTC in the top 20 coins.

this time next year he opens it up and tells us this is how much we made and send it back to us.
Obliviously he gets a % if he doesnt invest. But if he does its all good.

he can call it Crptonation 1 Fund - Let it ride.


I’m in… If peter is.
Imagne getting 20 people and 20 people said yes for 1 BTC.

Peter just buys them up in each coin.
1 year later 30/08/2018 he comes back tells us this it boys.


I’d buy in on that… But I suppose Peter would have some compliance and regulation issues with the government if he’s providing services like that :wink:


just for us. its a test. its an expeirement for peter and us to see what happens.

I would be in that for sure.



Dont know if you are being serious or trolling…

I dont think we should involve @peter in this. Im sure he has is own stuff to take care of .

These experiments or trials can be performed by anyone. Besides with the huge growth with crypto, you wouldnt know how much is owed by whom etc. Just a mess at end of it.


I dont troll. I’m serious.
End of the day. its just a theory that I would be in.

That’s all.


What wallet/s would hold all those coins…?? @jamesbrooks


@GlobalLocal here are the coins that each hardware wallet can hold:

TREZOR - https://doc.satoshilabs.com/trezor-faq/overview.html#which-coins-are-currently-supported

Ledger Nano S - http://support.ledgerwallet.com/knowledge_base/topics/which-altcoins-are-supported-by-the-nano-s-and-the-blue

Hope that helps! :rocket:


@mwlang @jamesbrooks

Here is a guy who did a similar experiment, but with just 10$ into top 100, [very broad scale approach ]

And check the portfolio - its not as much a huge return compared to putting in 1k into top 10 , but definetly has some merits.


Wow! That’s an awesome page to view.


How did he nearly have 6 million for a day? Hah!


Also, I love this. He ‘lost’ 5.93 Million.



Ah thats a bug, The other day Cloakcoin showed to up by 130K per coin or something, crapping over all the portfolios. The Admin probably will fix that soon.


Ha. You don’t want to give me your value.


Its actually an interesting point … with the movement towards decentralization and deregulation inevitably people who are uneducated in cryptos will seek out those who are. Not everyone wants to learn about cryptos or trading but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily against new technology or crypto currency. If it hasn’t happened already there will probably be an equivalent of the S&P 500 for people to buy into just in the crypto form. I don’t have that type of expertise but there is an opportunity for someone who does. Maybe here in the pub, now find a way for it to be completely anonymous and you will really be cooking with gas! :wink:


Great job!! Amazing results… I wish I had known about cryptos before… :sweat_smile:
But I like to think I’m here soon enough to make some :moneybag: and go to the :crescent_moon::grey_exclamation:


I would say doing this at a “family level” (assuming you actually like your family) would be a last resort for matter of convenience to make it easy on everyone to put in and HODL. A simple spreadsheet can track Share purchased by whom and at a later time, any withdrawal can be calculated easily.

Going outside of family, you run into potentially a lot of issues as long as your arm.

All in all,this is no financial gain to have $1000 in an account vs $10,000…it all grows exactly the same.
$1,000 buys 0.21881838 @ $4570 BTC
$10,000 buys 2.18818380 @ $4570 BTC

If BTC was worth $8000 next year, then your account is:
0.21881838 @ $8000 BTC = $1750.54
2.18818380 @ $8000 BTC = $17505.47

Proportionalty, you still each have the same amount, so it might be worth teach those to fish vs fishing for them to avoid conflicts.

Send them to TheBitCoin.pub and shown them where to learn.
plus, there is no better education than teaching others!


Good idea, I have already convinced my mom just to put some money in Bitcoin at the very least and HODL (leave it there)

I just think it will be interesting to see what a “financial advisor” will look like in 10 or even 20 years. We have to keep in mind that for the younger generation who grew up with iPhones and tablets etc the idea of a crypto currency is tangible but for those who still believe a 3310 is the best phone ever it is a much wider river to cross,


So I didn’t see someone posting the same results for the top 11-20 and 21-30. Because I would like to see if maybe you could have a better efficiency.
I did it : (it’s 31/08/2017 no 28, and yeah I’m French so you have to reverse month and day)

There is a significant difference between the first 10 and the rest.
I know what to do !

Forever HODL