$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


I would ask to old crypto traders, do you feel that the new ICO / cryptocurrencys are more serious than before ?


I would be VERY careful with ICOs for many reasons. It is high risk and they will hold your BTC or ETH until you are able to trade their tokens at some point later. If you are US citizenship, I would even be more careful. Anyways, INHO, the risk is too high (as the reward if that happen) to invest in an “idea”… And there are a lot of people trying to get your hard-working BTC as much as they can and disappear. So, be really careful. It may be better to keep the eyes on the ICO and if that really happen, buy when it is low still.


Oh yeah i have no intention to invest in ICOs. It was a curiosity question.


Thanks James. New channel to watch :):grin:


I decided to give this a try with some worthless fiat but now I have several coins that I don’t have wallets for. Is there another offline wallet like exodus that stores neo, iota, ripple, and nem?

Oh, I also bought some doge with the btc left over but exodus does not support it either.


tested out the coins from 2015. 1k$ into each coin in the top 10 only netted a profit of 3,211.64$ a year later.

(1 coind ,banx , had a 100% loss, scam)


Thing is - Back in 2015 it was a down time - I believe even BTC was like 500$ or something, every one was bailing out, not much trust in market. There was clearly lot of FUD.

Its only since late 2016 and majority of 2017 which has seen high growth. And since people have realized crypto currency and their value - lot of new projects have also come up - which aim to solve one or another purpose in the world, rather than just some troll coin.


@gabriel appreciate the support! :slight_smile:


If you’re interested in a sort of ‘hedge fund’/syndicate, Carter Thomas over at Coin Mastery is starting one and I don’t think there is any minimum entry price.

The idea behind it is that you invest what you want and as a collective group, the amount of money will give investors access to better and earlier deals than what’s available to Joe Public with there 0.1 btc. For example, entering pre-public ICO’s at a much better price point (sometimes 50%+ better).

I’d highly recommend Carter Thomas too. Along with BiteSizeBitcoin , Coin Mastery is the only other channel I watch, almost religiously, with regards to Crypto Currency.
I used to get caught up in the mob mentality of Reddit/Twitter/Facebook and follow the trends until I found these two channels, now I’m a much more confident and level headed investor.

Link to hischannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nXWTjZqK4bv7feoRntSog
Link to the syndicate: http://www.coinmastery.com/syndicate
(I hope I’m not breaking any pub rules here)



I think Carter seems quite level headed and genuinely interested in sharing thoughts as opposed to pumping crappy coins like so many others do.

My YouTube subs are something like this,

Bitesizedbitcoin - new to me but enjoying this platform and community, Peter is fun to watch and switched on.
Boxmining - does good daily news roundups and covers China (think he’s in HK)
Node investor - great for technical analysis but doesn’t stream every day
Chris Dunn - always worth listening to anything he has to say about trading and TA. I watched a webinar with him the other day and learnt some new tricks.

Only problem is my wife is starting to get a bit grumpy with 24/7 crypto on the tv.

We need a way for these content providers to start receiving micro payments for their work imo.


I’m with you. Excellent strategy. It would be interesting to revisit this thread in 12 months time. The video has scewed results by choosing the current top 10 and not the historical ten. Still I believe the strategy is definitely a winner.

And that’s a great tip to use ETH to buy alt coins


What about Bossing Bitcoin? :wink:


I am thinking about investing 20k in crypto and considering following this strategy. Somewhat new to crypto, still doing research. How would you advise I should go about it, invest a certain amount every week, every other week? Divide each weeks investment accordingly? For example 1k every week 50%btc, 45%next top 8, 15% wild cards


Look around on the site here to find @cryptoBrad’s spreadsheet (the site’s really, really, slow for me at the moment to go find it myself). His spreadsheet lets you try an all at once lump sum of $20k or spreading it out over a few weeks and you can also set how many coins to invest in.

I strongly recommend top 5 coins for the bulk of your investment and 50% in BTC (which is what I’m doing). You will likely have to do it incrementally due to the caps the exchanges put on exchanging fiat to digital. So just take the time to get to know the market better and get comfortable with what all is going on in the market. As you learn about the coins you haven’t invested yet, look to inject new money into those coins. In other words, HODL is your main strategy.

This is just my opinion, but it’s how I’ve approached it and it’s working very well in the 6 weeks I’ve been at it.



Thanks I’ll try it out. Buy btc right now no matter the price or wait for the dip everyone’s talking about?


Well, it’s already dipped since yesterday! :smile:


Data is amazing…

If you bought in early August: You are still like Wow! 50% gainz

Imagine what you will say a month form now or a year from now if you bought early September?
Looks like a loss to start, but, it’s only been a few days…


Like your spreadsheet. Did you post it anywhere?


its in development, but it can be used: https://public.tableau.com/profile/brad.durbin2173#!/vizhome/ThebitCoin_pub-HODLBacktester/BackTest


thanks! Keep us posted