$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


This really looks GANGSTA @cryptoBrad

You are delivering the value like a machine!

Mad respect!


people accuse me of trolling and it hurts :cry:


I have 7k on the way to coinbase… To buy a couple more BTC? Or give this an attempt…? :thinking: I already own a couple BTC so I secure my ticket to the spaceship. I would love to hear your thoughts guys if I should buy more BTC or give this a shot!

Oh Brad… Dem Gainz tho! You just make it look so damn tempting!


Very interesting man. Its awesome to think about the possibilities. Wish I had a time machine! Thx


I did 7k into top 7 then 1k into neo/omg/tenx. I def like this diversification more than just going all 10k into BTC


thank you for this mwlang!


I love the plan, I’m going to adjust my strategy to this as well, as I was initially thinking of investing in 18 coins.


Just book-marked your post – for future reference. I will be doing something similar in the not to distant future. Still selling stuff… all of my stuff.

The way I see missing the boat and all, is that you can still buy in at 2013 prices if you have enough money… Ha Ha

EDIT: too much personal info.


Inspiring me to research well, buy and HODL. Thanks for creating this video.


Thank you so much @jamesbrooks! Awesome and clarifying video! You just got yourself another subscriber :slight_smile:


Hello all friends!

It’s now 2017, and I have set myself a goal of wanting to have atleast 50k+ dream is 100k! by end of next year. I currently hold 1BTC, £1500 in OMG, £1000 in QTUM, and 2 months away from getting my 5k capital release back from Bitconnect. Can anyone suggest a plan to go about achieving that, as in what they would suggest doing to get there. I totally understand the advice people give is not financial so I will interpret at my own discretion of course! Advice would be appreciated, as to me 100k at 25 is life changing!
Thank you in advance my fellow pub crawlers.


You’re not looking for financial advice which is smart, but I will give you some recommendations. You will have way more than $100K by the end of next year if you invest in good solid coins. You have Bitcoin down, OMG down, and Qtum down. I would suggest NEO and in the future, ICON (ICX). I’m hoping to make really solid returns from ICON (ICX) alone. Always be on the lookout here on the pub and for Peter’s calls! He’s not always right but he’s never wrong.


Hey Genesis, grateful for the response. But intrigued how you think my portfolio will grow best part of 10x in a year! I have invested in what I believe to be long term solid coins, and NEO funny enough is going to be my next one. Will wait for it to come onto the Exodus wallet shortly and then i’ll load up to what I can afford. Will definitely check out ICON, always on the look for opportunities and will keep eyes peeled for peters calls. I know a lot can happen in 1 year, but 10x on my portfolio realistic. One final thing, Peter keeps talking about this moon shot with one BTC. What price are you calling a realistic moon shot, Im thinking along the lines of 25k a coin by 2020. I feel your more seasoned then i am in the cryptospace as of right now, so would value your opinion. All the best mate, Leo.


Metal. Read the white paper, check out the team and then join the Slack. It will surpass BTC in a few years.


It is hard to believe that anything will surpass BTC. Btc is miles away of anyone.

But, everything is possible.


Possibly top 15 CMC coin, but I doubt it would surpass BTC. That’s coming from someone who is bullish on Metal.


Me too, I have MTL and plan to continue to invest on it :grin:


This isn’t my pub. It’s the people’s pub! I’m just another guest :slight_smile:


You’re amazing! Just sayin’.


Help me understand the following…

How MTL will eliminate the middleman? You will use MTL for payment… but how you will eliminate coinbase/BTC or coinbase/MTL for example?

Maybe we will be able to buy MTL directly from their website and not from coinbase in the future? How different will be this process today using btc as a “middleman” to buy other coins?

Ps. I haven’t read the white-paper or anything else…