$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


Last night I was sitting down at my desk trying to come up with a plan moving forward, and I couldn’t help but keep reminding myself of this particular thread and how it’s turned into life changing money for someone just buy investing and holding.
After thinking about it, now I have my 1BTC I am planning on using the same model to invest in 10 out of the top 15 currencies as of now putting £500-£1000 in each.
The question I have though is, surely the returns are not going to be as spectacular, as the portfolio from a year ago was investing dash at $8, ETH at $10 Monero at $8 and so on…compared to the high prices of today which will get me a lot less.
So am I better off putting the money into say 5 Crypto’s and not spreading to thin, or keeping it more diverse in 10 Crypto’s?
I like the idea of just investing and leaving for a year, to come back to a handsome return. But how realistic is that as of now, and can anyone else think or any other ways to go about investing over the next 2/3years building up to 2020.
As always I appreciate all feedback from you guys, and I do take mental notes who helps me. As I will look to return the favour in due course :wink:


This thread is simply AMAZING! :ok_hand:t3:


I know it’s a Sunday but does anyone care to help answer my above post? @HarryvdV @Genesis, @Racolini? Peace and love friends.


If I were to invest into 5 coins, it would be GRS, ICX (should come out in Dec), VTC, NEO, OMG


I would go with NEO, OMG, and ICX. I’m really certain about the longevity of those three platforms.


Let me actually rephrase that, instead of OMG I would put it into Macafee coin


when does that mcafee coin become available? and on what exchange?


Don’t know the exact date, I recommend that you sign up for their news letter to stay up to date, first it’ll be an ICO before hitting an exchange, so you can get in cheaper.


Cheers guys, I know I could rely on you for a insightful reply.
Have been toying with getting into ICX these past few days, but cant decide whens best! I can either get in now at $1.40 with a fair amount of risk, or wait for it to hit the exchanges and then get in after the potential pump.
It’s rare you see a coin hit the exchanges, and then never come back down at some point. So I’m just unsure what to do at the minute with ICX. Neo and OMG Im now putting $150 in each every week starting tomorrow until end of the year to build up those positions.
Then I’ll move onto potential some other solid projects, why does no-one rate QTUM as a long term project???


I thought he said the end of November. He mentioned it in Peter’s interview


@jamesbrooks, thanks for this thread!

Are you considering to do this yourself?

Are you by any chance coming to the UK Crypto meetup?


I will be upset if I dont get it.



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@Leo_Beal, You’re better off with going with 5 altcoins instead of 10. If you haven’t already, utilize the HODL spreadsheet here: HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet

It will give you some sense through backtracking. As for returns on investments starting today, I think it matters little and only that you make the investment commitment and the reason I say that is because the overall market cap is growing aggressively still. So your investment in BTC + Top 5 is an investment in that overall growth. Or at least that’s the way I look at it.


Hey guys, MacAfee Coin pre-sale ICO 1 started today (November 6th, at 4PM UTC) about 1 hour ago. This is their first ICO so the process is a bit confusing and very unorganized. Though, I think I’ve successfully invested into it, so here to help out anyone who needs it. btw, it was suppose to be a 18% bonus for this first pre-sale ICO, but they just up’d it to 30% (same as the early adopters bonus) for the first $5M of the $48M cap.
Basic Steps:

  1. join their whitelist: https://www.mcafeecoin.com/whitelist
  2. go to https://www.mcafeecoin.com/pre-ico and send ETH or BTC to the escrow accounts


Thanks for the tip, just submitted and put a couple 1000 usd on it, lets see :slight_smile:


“US resident McAfee Coin supporters must be “accredited investors” to participate directly.” Excuse me for not being able to have whale status to enter into the ICO :stuck_out_tongue: .


@mwlang Thank you for the reply my friend, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Okay with that in mind I will build on my top 5 Altcoin holdings, what is your though process behind going for top 5 and not top 10? As investing in top 5, would mean missing out on investing in projects like OMG, QTUM & MONERO.
I agree with your overall outlook though, as long as the market continues to grow then so should my investments as long as they are solid. But determining that as of now, can be tricky!
Im hoping if I can commit to £100 a week from now until end of 2018, it’ll be enough to potentially pay off a mortgage. If not all by end of 2019/2020!
The goal is as i have my 1BTC, 200Neo, 1000 OMG, 100 Monero, 100 Litecoin, 200QTUM. Want to reach that by mid next year! Then just hold on for dear life, accumulating them positions and ICOS steadily.
Thoughts? To save clogging up this thread do you mind if i private message you mate?