$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


I am going to write a more proper piece on an investment strategy I stumbled across called value cost averaging in which you basically make your monthly allotments such that all positions are boosted by same percentage amount. So those that grow fastest, you put the least of and those growing slowest you buy the most of. Simple math guarantees you’re buying shares at lower prices (ie not at their ATH).

To pick up other coins outside top five just allocate 80% to top five and 20% to discretionary picks like NEO, OMG, QTUM, etc. or. 100% into top N and then monthly, buy any of the others.

There’s always pros and cons so decide on overall strategy and then execute. Plus, don’t be afraid to pivot as you become more educated and fine tune your thinking.


When and where is the UK meetup?


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Cheers my brother. Updating the section today


Greetings my fellow Crypto-enthusiasts! I want to reply to this to hopefully provided a more level-headed, rational mind set to the community. I would like to preface this by stating I am actively investing in the crypto-space and I believe the future does hold many exciting opportunities within the market.

Now with this past year of incredible growth - one may be excited, and yes we are witnessing some incredible growth. However, the first disclaimer on any typical securities investment is

Past performance is not indicative of future results

Videos such as this give false hope and cloud the judgement of newcomers to the space or possibly one with less investment experience. Of course it is more exciting to make a video of the top gainers, why not make a video of the top losers to illustrate the potential for loss? How many losers are there in the ICO market relative to winners??

To all of my fellow Crypto-investors - Do your research! Invest/trade only with money you feel comfortable potentially losing. Greed and fear are the enemy in investing/trading, do not let your emotions cause you to make irrational decisions.

I hope you all put your money to work wisely and reap the rewards :slight_smile:



“why not make a video of the top losers to illustrate the potential for loss?”

Feel free :wink:


Only invest what your willing to lose. No one wants to lose money that’s a given, and I feel the majority of us are probably investing more than we really should if we seriously look at hard at ourselves. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as like you said do your research in solid companies and then you should be fine more often than not.

I think this video is very inspiring, and shows more than anything the power to hold!

I wonder what the 2017-2018 year will provide in regards to gains like that of 2017 -end of 2017.


Yeah, I mean.

I have been HODLing some good coins (not ERC20).

…and I am doing quite alright :wink:


Where would be the best place to pull that data? I have an irky feeling there would be more than 10 ICOs that have failed due to the illegitimacy that exists in the space. This reminds me of the domain name craze in the earlier internet days - where many were creating names they believed would be the next big web presence. Many were slaughtered as there was no substance to their purpose. Relative to ICOs we are already seeing some giants emerge


The reality is I invest more than I can lose :sweat_smile:


Haha my point exactly!
As long as your risks are you not absolutely winging it and you’ve researched what your investing in, then either way you can feel assured. As you pulled that trigger no-one else, but it’ll pay for you in the long term to understand what to look for when researching companies.
Another one to remember is, if your looking to get into a company and a lot of hype is surrounding it. Don’t jump straight in, that’s how a lot of people get burned. Take that mental step back, and all the time you do that you’ll always be reacting slightly less on emotion which at the end of the day anyone worth their salt will tell you is the best way to invest. Invest on facts, numbers, potential. Not on FOMO or HYPE.


Well said. Proof in work.


Just wondering if anyone has looked at the top 8 volume stocks (excluding tether) to see if it has higher returns.


Friendly update: This August 28, 2016 what-if scenario would now be worth $405,647 today.



LOVE it! Thanks @dearscotty


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Almost a year and for $10k investment, $488,746.41 return!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Damn. Those gainz tho. It’s some serious data there man.


It’s interesting to see the data between your LTC DCA for a year vs this. Risks with both, but also benefits to both.

It’s really about what type of fiat your willing to invest over time. :smiley:


The big question is, would this strategy work for 2018 as well? Many of the present top 10 coins have already had a huge run up.