$204,279.83 in one year investing in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies!


Only one way to find out, :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


You’ll need to look in the $1-15 range of top coins to find gains like those, in the best of times. I may just be bearish on the top 10 going 3x+ this year, but that feeling is normal in a market with so much year over year growth. They could all 10x for all I know.

I think we’ll definitely be seeing a top 20-30 with at least 10B in market cap each.


Holy motivational data,wowsers


Holding is best strategy for me. No time waste, no stress, pure earning :smiley: Who is richest with BTC today? People who forgot that they own it on their accounts :wink:


I think there will be lots of green on everyone’s charts for in Q2.


haha nice post OP but these $200k gains are quite achievable if you had invested in the right ICO, for example ICX. :wink:


This is impressive to bad my year started in December of 2017.


howdy, can you riddle me this Batman = todays CMC shows “everything” same rate of decline = 7 days. So when I put in $1K and spread it over 5 picks = any suggestions ? i put in my new photo, “The Original Coin” If anyone is interested, Very Big Auction / Silver dollars, halves, gold coins, jewelry etc. = June 20 / 21 on line / murphyauction.com / Washinton State safe deposit boxes… if anybody is interested I’ll be there, June 18/19 Previews & Grading …right down the street…


Good moment and as you can see the increases gave big returns :slight_smile: