21 Ideas To Get Started On YEN - - Let's Get This MONEY ya'll lol!



Just a few ideas to get started! #TheTimeIsNow #pioneers #GenYen

  1. Videography/Photography – Document meetups, events, art installations/murals, opening new wallets, talking to Uber drivers about Bitcoin, etc…
    Even NonCrypto related events or special occasions - kids sports games/practices, family/pet portraits, holidays, graduations, etc

  2. Content Editing - - Creating thumbnails, graphics, playlists, timestamps, etc for busy content creators.

  3. Create custom designs for merchandise like t-shirts, cell phone covers, socks, hats, etc

  4. Custom Engraving of jewelry, dog tags, keychains, toolboxes, etc

  5. Food products like those blueberries! Baking, cooking, pickling, freeze drying - creating recipes too.

  6. Entertainment - singing, playing instruments, poetry, dance, theater, comedy, etc

  7. Geek Squad - Provide tech support, fix phones, laptops, tablets, cameras…

  8. CyberSecurity Consulting - Teach others to secure their networks, browse the web safely, protect themselves from hacks/phishing…

  9. Legal services, arbitrators, mediation…

  10. Health & Wellness services - – Personal training, exercise routines/tips, homeopathic remedies, teach yoga…

  11. Safe/non-toxic household cleaners, fertilizers, body products…

  12. Cosmetology, massage therapy, makeup artist, hair stylist, nail designs, manicure/pedicures…

  13. Investigative journalism - expose scams, violations of rights, social injustices…

  14. Translators - - for white papers, ICOs, decentralized crypto projects, presentations at conferences, videos, blogs…

  15. Headhunter - -Recruit talent for crypto projects - Developers, marketers, designers, business managers, accountants, human resources, public relations…

  16. Podcasts

  17. Create Upcycled art - sculptures, household items…

18… VR experiences - at meetups, conferences, events, concerts, sporting events, car shows…

  1. Affiliate marketing - hardware wallets, VPNs, conferences, merchants, providers on YEN

  2. Host meetups, events, conferences

  3. Build/operate mining rigs/pools - Tech support for miners, resell parts, create educational content (online or off)

This One's For The Little Doges....21 $Shhhhmoney Making Moves to Get Started On YEN


This is awesome!


Awesome, thank you @itsmee.bosslady


I do my best lol… this is only the beginning! :rocket: :explopants:


Nice thank you, was just talking to my sister on ideas. This is better.


Whoooooooa thanks for pulling this together Bosslady! :slight_smile: Has let my creativity ponder the ideas


3 12 16 18 19 are my jam!


Nicee, thanks! I think I told you how my FB accounts were disabled a few weeks ago, and that limited my access to my other social media accounts like Twitter and Patreon - - so I appreciate the love and the retweet - my stats look so sad this month lol… :sob: :rofl: YEN can’t come soon enough lol - - super stoked ya’ll! #GenYen #decentralized #pioneers


I do try :blush: Next step is getting your sister and other family/friends to offer products or services too - -we’ll all grow together!