25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!




Dear all,

I have a NEON wallet that I cannot access. A quick review:

Downloaded NEON wallet and went through the following sequence of events

  1. Open software and press new wallet button to generate private ID info
  2. Save login data and private key with screenshot etc.
  3. Login to wallet which has a different address to login data using private ID
  4. Send to that address and log out
  5. Login again with same private ID to a different wallet address entirely with zero balance.

Bottom line: I have a wallet with no private ID access that is holding 65 NEO within it. I have a papertrail and receipts for all of this that I can provide to ensure legitimacy. I have contacted NEON devs, neotracker.io and NEO themselves to no avail. Have also contacted wallet retrieval services as well. As i entered the key manually there is a possibility of human error I suppose and as a last desperate attempt I’m hoping someone much smarter than I might be able to brute force their way in for a reward. As the data was entered manually there may be a small chance that a typo has accessed a separate wallet (this is the NEON devs best guess even though I think it’s a gazillion-to-one possibility).

I can provide all relevant details where possible. I am not trying to encourage nefarious behaviour but this is causing me great anxiety and have no other options at this time it seems.

Best wishes,


Sept 6, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - 1 Foot in front of the Other
Sept 6, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - 1 Foot in front of the Other

So you have your address and all the private keys but cant recover the wallet?

I can try and help you restore it. hit me on PMs and ill see i can get it working for you.


Hi Jason,

I have the private key that was generated from NEON. This was only provided once and I used this to login to the wallet firstly to one address where the transaction occurred and then secondly to what happened to be a different address! Make sense?


kind of, but might be easier to explain over the phone. i PM’d you. we can set up a call if that works for you


Digital sell swords. I’m liking this.


Need all the help I can get from the cryptocommunity! (To rescue my dumbass)


“I’m a sellsword, I sell my sword. I don’t lend it out to friends as a favor.”

I believe people should be rewarded for their expertise. True to my word for 25 NEO :slight_smile:


minimum triple check (literally) keys everytime and write them on a safe paper notepad.

its very painful but worth it.


Funny you say that. It’s almost exactly what I do when I transfer to my storage off line. Between wallets I’ve become lax a bit. But man. Security tho.


I am confused. If you have the private key you should be able to recover your NEO. NEON uses WIF format. Right?

Is the NEON wallet itself encrypted? I have brute forced someones ETH wallet before so I might be able to help if you know kinda what you used for a password to generate the key.


Theres a reason for that @peter

Great minds think alike.



No password generated. NEON wallet uses the WIF exclusively to access the interface. Once I was in the wallet I transferred one NEO and then the remainder. When I logged out and in again, the address had changed even though the WIF was the same.

Although I am sure of my processes, there is always the possibility of human error.


I screenshot the WIF data immediately and wrote it down in a second location. Once in the wallet using that data I transferred 1 NEO and then the remainder. I know now that I should have logged out and into the wallet again before doing the transaction. I have been in crypto for a month and it has been a steep learning curve. I banked plenty of cheap NEO during the Red Wedding market carnage and was looking to secure it off the exchange.


I have a couple of moves up my sleeve first but will definitely let you know, mate!


Did you resolve the problem?


Yeah, for sure let us know.

If you took a screenshot of the WIF then it should be recoverable. Are you manually entering the WIF in on your subsequent attempts?


I dont the finer details bro but if you have your private keys for both the accounts written somewhere then you can recover both accounts easily


I worked with him. he has a screenshot of the WIF but it isnt for the wallet that the neo was actually transfered into… he doesnt know how(im assuming he probably created a new wallet by accident at some point?) but he doesnt have the WIF for the wallet with the NEO in it.

He said he copied and pasted it in. we are going to run a clipboard recovery tool on his PC and see if we can find the WIF that was sent to the clipboard. if that doesnt work we will do a windows restore from 24 hours ago and try that clipboard recovery again.

other then that, not sure what options. We know the wallet, we dont have the WIF. fingers crossed we can recover ti via clipboard


Oh boy. I hope you can get it with the recover tool. If neon does a random generate of the private key that means there is basically no chance to recovery. Good luck guys! :crossed_fingers:


I’m kinda… tense… man… i hope it works!