25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



Help…my new neon wallet after deposit…now cannot withdraw…I’m using nano S to access…any help appreciated…


How many neo bounty are u offering for the help…

This is a tit for tat post after all.

I’m pretty sure if u post ur nano s seed here publicly someone will come along and help alright. Lol.

Good luck.


Post nano s seed here…ru belong to this group here???


Hi there,
Im having the same issue,i was keeping all my NEO in ledger Nano S and one day i woke up and realized i have a new public address,all my neo were sent to a new address
Now i have 0 neos
Any help?

I posted HERE as well:


you still have the screenshot?


50 NEO to who can help me salvage lost NEO!
It was disbelieve at first… then realized that I am not the only one who lost Neo in Neon wallet.
Even more furious, after more than a year from nathanleonard first posted this thread, same thing still happening…

About a week ago… I also lost Neo, 300 of them, sending Neo from Binance to Neon. It was a successful transfer with 300 Neo showed up in Neon, however after log out and log back in the next day, the balance was showing ZERO! After reviewing, found two different public addresses. One is the address Neo been sent to which I can see it from neotracker, the other address is the one currently shows on NEON.
I am also so welling to contribute additional to the award to whoever can crack this existing issue and help whoever is out there lost their Neo in this stupid Neon wallet due to the two public address issue.


Oh my goodness!!! The 300 NEO is back when I logged in today. I plan to transfer back to the exchange before this crazy fiasco settled.
Just to share the update so perhaps someone had the same issue can give it a try…

These are my steps today…
• Connected ledger nano s to computer > key in the code on Leger nano s > navigate to nano wallet > press down both buttons on top till it shows “wake up neo”.
• Open NEON wallet application on the computer > click on connect to ledger neo wallet > there it goes, shows the balance

The strange thing is… on the top of the screen where the page shows balance, “My Public Address” IS DIFFERENT from the public address in “Manage Wallets”. I only have one Neo wallet shows under “Manage Wallets” tab.

I believe previously I was accessing the wallet by selecting the wallet name that’s the same from “Manage Wallet” from a drop down menu somewhere, resulting showing ZERO balance.

Hope this would help troubleshoot~

Update -
I just realized that NEON application has multiple tabs. The default tab is “Saved Wallet” and the 4th tab is “Ledger”. So I have two wallets, one wallet has zero balance can be opened under “Saved Wallet” tab. The other is Ledger wallet, which can be opened using >> “wake up Neo” on Ledger Nano S >> navigate to Ledger tab in NEON computer application >> then click on Log In.
Well… if anyone ever read this hopefully help others clearing up some confusions for new users such as myself. haha.