25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



oh crap. If only keyloggers could pull history keystrokes :frowning:


Downloading clipdiary now…


This happened to me with 5 NEO in the early days. I still have the transaction ID from Bittrex and the screenshot of the NEON WIF and Private Key.

But no way of knowing if I inadvertently created a second wallet and therefore, the aforementioned key/transaction are actually not a party to one another. And when I go to neotracker I see the 5NEO there (I think), but logging into the wallet appears empty.

Honestly, this is tripping people up; the wallet could use a design improvement. Kid should probably incorporate it into his PhD.


What format do you have your Private key in? Is it in WIF or HEX format? You can import the private key from the NEO-GUI software(download from here: https://github.com/neo-project/neo-gui/releases). Just right click on the empty space and choose import as shown on the following picture:


it isnt NEO-GUI its the NEON wallet.

He doesnt have the private key. he had copy and pasted in in yestarday but the WIP he does have is for another wallet address


It doesn’t matter as long as the private key is in the same format it will work.


How would I go about doing that, my friend?


Download the wallet from here: https://github.com/neo-project/neo-gui/releases/download/v2.2.0/neo-gui-windows.zip let it sync probably takes 6 hours to sync, but it’s worth it.


If I ever get my NEO back, I will! Is there a way to find WIF from NEON download?


I thought you said you took a screenshot of your private key. here is an sample of the private key in WIF format:


Yeah, it’s a long story. Essentially, I do not have the WIF key for the wallet that my NEO are located in.


Was it because you deleted the screenshot? You can also try undelete software and see if you can recover the deleted file. http://www.winundelete.com/


Thanks, I’ll have a look at that. No I didn’t delete the screenshot. I only took one screenshot of my key and address and used that data to login once. After moving my coin there I logged out and then used (what I thought) was the same key and found myself in another wallet address. It seems strange that I should be in two different wallets when only one keygen event occurred.


He took screenshots of all the WIFs except the one he send the NEO to. He only copied pasted that one so they are trying to recover it from the clip board. Importing the ones he does have won’t do anything.


I only took one screenshot immediately after it opened. It wasn’t like I generated a new wallet, copied the WIF, pasted that in, did my transaction, logged out and then accidentally pressed new wallet again and then took the screenshot. This is what I’m finding so bizarre as I have such a vivid recollection of the event. I even thought that I entered the WIF manually so this whole clipboard game is a real longshot.

I assert that I logged into two separate wallets with the same WIF but now I’m questioning everything and going a bit crazy!


I see… in that case try find the Key File for NEON wallet and right click -->properties–> Previous version see if you can roll back to your earlier version… Good luck man!


Man oh man. Just going thru the history. It seems you made 2 wallets and lost the second WIF or didnt take the screenshot. Crap man. Really hope you can get it back.


is there any 3rd party or hardware wallets supporting NEO and GAS ?


If you DONT end up recovering the wallet, I will start off and pledge 1 NEO. I’ll send you 1 NEO to a new wallet for you. hopefully 64 others do the same, and you get back your investment.

would be heartbreaking to see you lose it all on a key/password issue

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Do you have the 2 WIF for the wallet?