25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



Sorry brother without the WIF private key, there is nothing we can do to recover your wallet. There is no way to brute force unfortunately.


Yo. If people pledge. I will throw you 1 NEO.


Nothing yet, but I know Ledger Nano S is working on supporting NEO but it’s still few months away from production.


Only one my friend so not sure what went wrong. It was a really uncomplicated process


Oh my cryptobrother, thank you so much for your support and generosity. I really appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to here. I would want to make sure that I have exhausted absolutely every option before taking you up on such a lovely offer. I am a cryptonoobie who has had a steep learning curve over the past month. I bought into a tonne of NEO during the Red Wedding market carnage two nights ago and wanted to get it off the exchange. This was house deposit money for my girlfriend that we really can’t afford to lose. Any assistance to recoup would mean the world to us! Thank you @JasonMasterNET


No resolution as yet. Onto my final option. Restore PC and revive clipboard data for Wif entry


Thanks mate but not that simple unfortunately.


Hi mate, after doing my research it really came down to NEON and Neo-Gui. I had the Gui syncing with the block but had good peer-reviews from here and anecdotal sources NEON’s usability and GAS collection. I should have either waited for the GUI to sync, logged in and out again of the wallet or even left it in the exchange until a better wallet presented itself.

NEON Wallet security

Hi team,

Been noodling around with Clipdiary but just saw this on the Clipdiary website:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to access data that you copied before you installed Clipdiary.

Even installing and restoring this has not regained my missing WIF and I’m out of options. That’s 65 NEO down the drain :frowning: and I’m devastated. That was a massive investment for my situation and it’s left me with barely anything left in the portfolio tank. I jumped in on the Red Wedding market action looking to hold for the mid-term and flip to cash and BTC over the next few years to finally into the brutal Australian housing market and set up the young family. It has certainly been an expensive lesson learned and I have been humbled by it.

I maintain that there was only one WIF password activated and have several witnesses who are guiding me through the process to attest to that. I was being methodical under careful instruction and have still managed to lose it all. Promised the girlfriend to sell my car or guitar to make it up and stay out of crypto to keep domestic bliss. The NEON dev team have gone into radio silence, my exchange can’t do anything, neotracker can’t access it and even NEO themselves are facepalming me. I suppose it’s a testament to the security of blockchain tech and the NEON wallet’s security (although I would hate to see anyone else deal with this too). Lesson learned through 20/20 hindsight. I am defeated and totally out of options.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to @JasonMasterNET for all your help, really appreciate it mate. Also, @CryptoLove, @Racolini, @limes, @makeBTCdaily, @Takumi, @bitvadol, @peter (even the digimercs couldn’t get us in) and everyone else who gave up their time/energy trying to rescue my hopeless naive arse. Beers on me if you’re ever in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been blown away by the community spirit here and will always recommend people jump on this amazing hivemind of info, mentorship, resources and cryptolove. For anyone who wants to brute force their way into my 65 NEO stash you are welcome to the lion’s share. Thanks again everyone. Peace out.

Epilogue: It really blows my mind that people have been so compassionate, helpful and generous about this scenario. I can’t really express how much it means to me that people are still innately caring and friendly to others in this community (and in general). Honestly, thanks so much again.

@bitvadol and @JasonMasterNET have recommended that I put up a wallet address here for people to donate to and I’m a bit conflicted about it. @peter is that okay? (at your discretion, I don’t want to upset the natural order of things here). I will be sure to help any cryptobrother/sister out in the future.

Here is my new wallet address: AMWXVWiFDwdu6kYW68Bbwe6fhrPbqjji27

(I have doublechecked the shit out of this one thoroughly and hardcore failsafed myself).

Thanks again, words cannot express.


Hey, man. I can throw a NEO to you. Just update the original post with your new wallet address and people will help!
Sorry for you loss. That’s a shame that you’ve lost it by that mistake.


Mate, that is so generous of you. Thank you so much.


Sent you 1 Neo. Although, I have only 11 myself, but i can still do away with one… you will get your investment back :grinning:


3 NEOs are coming your way, mate!
Now you are one of the redpill! another Matrix reference
Take care!


Will send you a NEO when i get home in a hour. Hope thats the right address and you keep the WIF in a safe place.


Just sent you 1 NEO buddy. Should arrive shortly.


I’m well late to crypto lark and especially the NEO game so and only have 21, but have another 1 to get things going, now pay attention and no more sleeping, Morpheus :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you so much, guys! So amazing of you. Honestly, can’t thank you enough :slight_smile:


Have another coldy on me. I’m from Melbourne. You probably see me on Peter Youtube live channel. My Name is Dennis Turk.

Go NEO… Wait til next year guys. Be worth 100 bucks.


Thanks so much mate. Absolute legend! Keep an eye out for you!


Don’t worry about it neo won’t be worth anything soon anyway