25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



Haha thanks. Losing the principle investment is bad enough!


I’ll be sending you 1 NEO when i get home as well. please re-confirm the wallet address.

hopefully as a community we can get you back to your 65 shares!


Hi Jason, thanks again mate. Really appreciate all your efforts with this. Shame I couldn’t get the reward to you for it! Think I’d need a marketing campaign to get the 65 back considering I’m such a new addition to the community. The support from here has been so incredible. Thank you so much!


It has been triple-checked!


Just remoted in to my home machine and sent you 1 NEO. im not quite sync’d up but it should be arriving very shortly:



Don’t underestimate the community! I hope we can get your 65 shares. Please reply to users with the confirmation you got it so we cant rack what we were able to crowd source for you.

@kevintootill gave you 5% of his NEO! I myself only held 76. I know we got some whales in here somewhere :slight_smile:


Okay, that’s so good of you mate. Really appreciate it! I will login and let people know that it’s been received ASAP. Truly amazing stuff mate, the cryptocommunity is blowing my mind. Many thanks!


Hi everyone! I just wanted to confirm that I have received everyone’s coins that they have been sending me to help recoup my devastating loss. So far I have received 8 coins which is just incredible so thank you so much! I never thought I’d receive anything let alone 8! @JasonMasterNET even thought I might recoup everything and although I appreciate his optimism, anything is truly awesome and has meant the world to me. As you can see, I’ve sold up my altcoin positions and went all in for 15 NEO while the markets were in flux. I have a small stash of long term BTC, LTC and OMG as @peter has suggested for long-term HODL strategy.

Thanks again my cryptofriends. I am a young padawan and have much to learn but your support and compensation has blown me away. Cheers!


This same thing has happened to me , opened neon wallet wrote the private key down twice! Logged into the wallet sent 162 neo there. Logged out, logged back in with the same private key and no neo in there … idk how this is even possible .


As ive metnioned in other threads… id STRONGLY recommend the NEO-GUI wallet. NEON wallet is very new, more susceptible to bugs and while it may have more bells and whisltes the neo-gui wallet just seems ‘safer’.

in addition to your private keys you can export and save the wallet database, which is password protected and independant of the WIP. so you have some redundancy for recovering. and you can also view/record your private key at anytime, which i dont think you can do with the neon wallet.


Lets keep that NEO flowing… phone lines are open!



The wallet public key also changed when I logged back in. How is that possible… I’ve been using the wallet for about a month and have never logged out until now … shows no transaction history either.


Sent you 2 Neo mate - keep it for that beer your gonna have on the deck of your Queenslander some day!
I know that heart stopping feeling when you send crypto and realise you don’t have the right private key… luckily mine was a cheap lesson.

Don’t let one bad experience cloud the future of possibilities…


Now this really a good support group. We help one an another when we are in Need.


I cant really how long been in the game actually for. I paid off 2 properties with BTC. Still holding my btc and other coins. HODL guys is the Key. I thru away trading it. CBF.


Just woke up and read up on the thread. Sorry for your loss :frowning:

If I thought I could brute force your key based off your public address I totally would, but since NEON generates a random address it’s not possible. I would totally hook you up with 1 NEO if I actually had any myself.


This warms my heart incredibly.

Our cryptonation. Our Pub Pirates. You guys are so generous and helpful…

This is another reason why I love being a part of this community.

We are willing to help one another. *tears


Yeah, man! It’s so awesome! Help, love and trust in people, even in the “trustless” system like crypto, that’s what makes us who we are!


The love is incredibly strong in thepub


Is this where were supposed to challenge @Peter to donate, too? #donationchallenge #1neo #anythinghelps


Peter will donate. he is that kind of guy.


Were you using the latest version of the NEON wallet? Version 0.0.4 or an earlier version?