25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



No. It’s not cool to make anyone feel like they should donate. No mater how many coins he/she has. Some people don’t donate on principle. If we donated coins to everyone who made a wallet mistake we might find ourselves coin-less as well lol. If you feel the need to donate then more power to you :smile:



Here is one NEO keep it safe :wink:


Hope you recover your coins.
Be sure to check the security section of the pub.
If you have lost NEO, you may also lose other coins.


This entire thread just made my day. We essentially have the best community on the planet.


I was using version 4


Agreed. This great community wouldn’t even exist without all the work that Peter and others do. No need to be pushing others to donate, everyone contributes in their own way.


One of my friend have his Neo delayed transfer for 2-3days. What happened was, that he was new to Neo, he bought some. I told him he can get GAS if he store in a Neo wallet. He downloaded android version of apps and can’t claim any GAS. So i told him to change to NEON wallet cause that is what i did and i can collect GAS. He created NEON and transfer from his android wallet to NEON.

The funny thing it never arrive after 2 days. I asked him to contact NEON support, cause on the android app it said it’s sent. After the following days, he got it resolved with NEON support. He got his Neo on the 3rd or 4th day if not mistaken.


You’d think that the wallet program itself would have functions preventing the user by accidentally starting a new wallet or address by showing an alert or popup notice to remind the user what they are doing. As much issues that I have heard or read about the program itself, NEO should upgrade their system soon.


No one should feel obligated to donate. If it is something you want to do thats fantastic but people should not feel pressured.

I’m sure everyone can relate. as a group I hope we can get his 65 NEO back through donations. But at the same time no one should be shamed if they dont contribute for any reason.


Nathan the same thing happened to me ! Except I had 162 neo in my neon wallet… I checked to make sure I had the right key several times! There is no way I made a mistake


Thanks eold! Appreciate your words and generosity mate. Really blowing me away. Come over for a cold one on the deck sometime!


Great call. I’ll give send through your suggestion to the dev team.


Absolutely! Amazing community spirit :slight_smile:


Thanks all the same, Cryptolove. There is a 65 NEO treasure chest out there if you’re ever up for the challenge!


Wow! Inspiring story right there. I’ve definitely decided on a low-maintenance long-hold approach.


@peter, the community we have going here is truly special. I only joined recently and am totally blown away by the generosity, support and spirit of the Bitcoin Pub. I’m truly blown away. Thanks to everyone for being part of this and helping me through a challenging experience. Big shout out to @JasonMasterNET for lending a hand to a cryptobrother in need. Beers on me in Brisbane, Australia! Thanks so very much, it means the world to me and the family. All the best!


Absolutely. Well said.


Thanks mate, received!


Yep, version 4 was my problem too!


Just woke up in Brisbane, Australia to find that more people have donated NEO to my wallet (this one definitely works!). I wanted to let you know that the NEO has been received and it is deeply appreciated. I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to donate but it all goes a loooong way for me and the fam so thanks so much to the crypto community here for helping me out with advice, support and NEO. Truly amazing to be a part of this and I can’t thank you enough *tears