25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



I am glad to be part of this wonderful community. Lets go to the moon together!


And it’s not just that wallet, others have similar issues I find. Definitely needs to be simplified and “stupid-proof”… It’s one of the reasons I haven’t gone all in with the Neo wallet yet. I have it on my laptop, but it’s empty at the moment…#1 reason: my laptop is cheap and has it’s power issues… however It Exodus works great. But then if they had it, you wouldn’t get the Gas.
Oy Vey the complexities of it all!!


Is the new wallet one where partials are allowed or one where need full integers?


Full integers I believe. The full value of the letters needs to be entered for access.


Gotcha, danke!

(Here’s where I make the post 20 letters)


NEON 0.0.5 just came out. Has anyone tried it?


I just realised you live just down the road from me im in Townsville @nathanleonard


To honest I’m kind of afraid to given the last few wallet issues people had. Gonna wait a little.


Queenslanders unite! #cryptoqueenslander


I did and it works fine so far.


Did you just install the new version onto the old existing 0.0.4 version?It didn’t delete any of your coins if you did this?


I just installed with the setup I downloaded. It updates automatically you dont need to uninstall the previous one. My balance appeared instantly when I unlocked the wallet.


I think the both of you should def create a thread on all the boards tagging NEON dev team, explaining what happened. I just spent 3 hours going through @G.I.Crypto issue and it appears to be the same as what happened to @nathanleonard shitty that they both lost over 200 NEO total :frowning:


@G.I.Crypto I’m going to try this next for you, need to do it on my home computer. I’ll keep you posted bro


It seems to have happened around the same time too… I know it can easily be brushed off as human error in their eyes … but I’m telling yal beware of that wallet. Or at least make sure you log in and log out several times and have it show the same public address before you send your hard earned neo to it !!


Think Peter got a bit busy and forgot ahah but I’m certainly not complaining about the results! People have been awesome! Thanks again


Would anyone who is using the latest version be so kind as to list instructions? I’m on version 3 and have developed fear since reading these posts to update to version 5.


so you didn’t delete the 0.04 version but you download the 0.05 version then you installed it and using the same private key that you get from 0.04 version to login ? because i stuck in 0.04 version also and a bit scared to do something…

will the 0.05 replace the 0.04 ? and also this is running on Mac OS right ?


if on windows, goto github, download the setup exe, close your wallet, install wallet andit replaces over the top of it, then you can login using differnet methods and expoert and save backups for codes etc :slight_smile:


for anyone who stuck in neon wallet 0.04 and cannot send your neo you can move your wallet to neotracker.io and access your Neo Coin with you private key…