25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



No im on windows and yes used the same private key


did the wallet you downloaded have a valid digital signature? did you leave your firewall unprotected?


I’m on a Mac but I think it’s the same process pretty much. Thank you!


I have V5 going now and was pretty paranoid about it after losing so much NEO the first time around. I’ve had no problem with it though, thankfully!


I’m just curious, have you recovered a good amount from donations? You don’t have to say the number, I’m just wondering.


Hi mate,

I made 12 NEO and .5 LTC in donations. Happy to get anything at all!


sorry we couldnt get you the full 65 shares.


All good. Happy to make anything back at all. There’s still 65 NEO out there in the NEO network waiting for its champion!


Has this been cracked yet?


No it has not,


Have we:

  1. Bruted through potential typos
  2. Shared the private keys with anyone before the incident occurred
  3. Shared the private keys after the incident occurred, including with anyone within the forum/helpers etc
  4. Are you willing to share the private keys
  5. If your wallet was out of date, the NEO is actually in a state where it cannot be accessed until the update is completed


Some of this may be documented in the above thread. also you may want to talk to the op @nathanleonard and he can fill you in on anything else tried.


You’re welcome to try, mate. Might be a brute situation at this point. All the details are in this thread so have a go if you want!


He gave no one else the private keys

we know the funds are in that wallet/attached to that address, it shows it on the blockchain

he gave us his private keys. we can restore a wallet to the private key but the address is different

we updated him to the newest neo wallet

we restore in antshares wallet, neo-gui wallet and the neon wallet

there is either another private key that he lost and the one he provided was generated after or the neon wallet changes the address associated with that key (there are a few others on reddit and on here who claim this happened as well)


these wallets are garbage.


when you go to copy the Private Key MAKE SURE that there is no SPACES after the private key. i did this to my LISK account and had the same issue.

copy from one end to the other without spaces at the end of the private key…hope this helps


I too have a NEO wallet that won’t open. I have tried everything but to no avail. I only put one NEO in it to test it and was in the process of putting my other 39 in when i couldn’t get it to open. So I sold the 39 and won’t touch NEO again. It opened all right several times over the next couple of days. And I even got GAS once. But then locked shut. I have Window 7.


I hope you have found a solution to this.

I was playing around with Neon Wallet just yesterday and I created 3 wallets, copy/paste to clipboard, wrote the keys down as well, when I try to log-in and I copy/paste from clipboard, it works, when I manually type in my keys with 0% error the Neon Wallet gives me an error to indicate that I’ve input an incorrect key even though it’s been triple checked and confirmed by at least 2 other human beings to be 100% correct.

Go figure.

I am running OSX 10.12.6 and I believe there is a bug with Neon Wallet 0.0.5 therefore I seriously do not trust the Neon Wallet at this current time to store my NEO until I am able to log-in to a wallet by manually typing in my keys and the log-in process actually working. :thinking:


same issue with me except i lost 162 neo,


Whoa, dude that hurts!