25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



These wallets really suck don’t they?


@G.I.Crypto want me to try again with the new version of NEO GUI?


I lost 6 ethereum I bought when eth was 18 dollars, because my hard drive crashed and I didn’t export my keepass file that had the seed for the wallet, before it crashed. Be careful people, it’s an expensive lesson to learn for some of us.


it can’t hurt … i would jump for joy if it worked


Ok np. I will give it a go, I have the software installed. I’ll dm you if I have any questions.


Hi everyone…a few weeks ago i trans 6 NEO to NEON wallet . It was there for about 2 weeks then it just showing a zero balance now. Can anyone help resolve. Thanks


Hi, did you get the issue with your wallet resolved. I had 6 NEO in NEON Wallet and it s now showing empty…zero balance.


Did you try a full re-index?


i am not sure of how to do that. You mind explaining plz.


sure, i’m using the neo-gui used for the RPX sale.

After you have added your wallet, right click and import using your WIF-Private key


Re-start the wallet, then choose Wallet --> Rebuild Index (takes 24hrs)

I hope it works.


@G.I.Crypto sorry my friend no luck, when I enter your WIF you provided me it maps it to the new NEO address, not your original one where your NEO is still sitting. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how this happened.


I 3rd this… happened to me all was fine until I moved it from bittrex to my pc… what happened to me was opposite I had it in neon… < my 1st mistake should of used the smart phone app imo… Then we had flooding in Houston which caused us to loose power. Then when I turned my pc back on the wallet updated to .005 then I was unable to log in … THIS IS THE ONLY WALLET I have had any kind of issues with …sucks it was only 13 neo total really stupid how there isn’t a back-way for even the DEVs to retrieve lost WIF’s… please update us if you figure this out I as well am desperate…i as well am almost 100% positive I Printed and laminated all my " important passwords/codes" … I have even tried pulling up json/Utc files both which have failed:-(


I have had this same issue with 13:-( neo … ugh cannot figure out anyway


could not agree more… have zero issues with other wallets #exodus


i have this same issue… and i am on CCT ( crypto coin trader ) group and everyone kept telling me i was crazy and not entering my info right this and that… bc my post at 1st was that i honestly thought my stuff was hacked … like i logged in the day before to check my gas … and the next day after a update …my account balance now shows 0’s like… what the heck for this i recommend neo to no one this blows for anyone that has to go throught this stress of flat out loosing money due to a wallet error LAME… there wallet is horrible and how do the devs not have some type of action to fix this issue knowing its going to happen…like for instance there was a guy about to drop 25k into neo told him whatever you do… def do not put that shit into the wallet … not worth it … imagine loosing that much money due to some Bs software error … that’s crazy I learned a 500$ lesson off what I actually thought was the 100% exact way watched many videos before I transferred just to be sure


Feel your pain bro. Never had an issue with any other wallet


Sorry to hear about this. I was interested getting some.
If you could redo this today; what would you do?
Leave it on an exchange? Other suggestions?
If I get some, I will send you one.


use the NEO-gui wallet available via their website. It will take a while to sync but is more reliable overall.


NEON wallet is a piece of sh*t.

I do not want to sync blockchain or whatever it is I have to sync that is going to take up space on my HDD using NEO-gui.

However, the good news is that NEO is due to be integrated to Nano Ledger S Oct/Nov. :ok_hand:t3:

P.S. Get ready for the rebound people. It’s ah-coming post fork. :nerd_face:


You can say that again bleeding thing lost me 5 neo. Ordered Ledger hope better luck with that.