25 NEO to anyone who can crack my NEON wallet!



Ledger Nano S compatibility for NEO due for release anytime Oct/Nov. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like NEO but I hate it’s current wallets.

It is quite annoying investing in coins that have their own specific wallet that usually requires GB of space to synchronise with the blockchain let alone HODLing multiple coins that are in this category.

IMO it’s annoying and a turn-off from wanting to invest in said coins hence I try to find sound investments that are ERC20 so I can throw it all on my Ledger Nano S for easy cold storage. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Mate,

I’m in sydney and accidentally deleted my wallet, with my saved keys i was able to restore the wallet.

If you are still holding your keys we can try the same steps?
let me know if you are willing and i can help out.


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Incredible thread here.


Thanks mate, I’ll have a look for the details but all the information I ever had was at the very start of this thread. I had wallet keys etc. all screenshotted above and it was no good. There’s still 65 NEO sitting in the chain in limbo haha. Still good on my offer if you can figure it out! All the deets are way back in the thread. Thanks matem appreciate it.


Wow. Amazing stuff in here.


Hi Mate,

I took a look at the tread, couldn’t find the 2 bits of info I need to recreate your missing wallet.

  1. Public address
    2)Encrypted key


have you looked at:
theres should be 2 json files in there, it can be open with notepad to read the keys
also can search* the entire drive for:

the files are in a hidden folder, keep that in mind during the search.


Hi mate, let me try the suggestions below and I’ll get back to you asap The main problem I thought was with the software itself in that it issued me one address and password and then when I logged out and logged back in the SAME password unlocked a different address even though it was the LOGIN widget I hit and not the generate new wallet (which wouldn’t have let me use the same password for anyway). Heaps of people complained about the same thing with the NEON wallet and the developers just blamed it on human error and wrote me off. Live and learn!


You can still see the balance in the wallet on the NEO network. 65 greenies up for grabs! 25 to the sellsword who can crack it open for me. Gotta love the cryptobounty!


It would seem that after more than 4 months you would increase the reward. Better to have some than none. Just saying. I hope you get it solved.


Thanks for your input mate


Thanks for that mate, I probably would. I’ve had dozens of people try to help out over the past 4 months with no results. TBH, I wrote it off about a week after it happened and moved on but am happy to renegotiate if someone cracks it.


the private keys he has are for a different wallet. we are quite sure on how it happened. but he does not have the private key for the public address in question. its no just a case of rebuilding the wallet


ooooh man so sorry. I hope one of the cryptonation experts will help you recover all of your neo mate.


Same stupid thing happend to my NEON wallet. I can’t access my 5 NEO anymore because i lost my private key on the app ‘Notes’ on my mac OS High Sierra. I selected my private key while i was copy and pasting a other key of Ripple. No recovery file or any other file on my macbook to make a recovery. :’(

Wise lesson for next time, store your information also into your mobile phone or any other product or application.

Such a small mistake cost me 5 NEO.

Nice day!


Store your private keys on a sheet of paper and keep it safe. Paper tend to fail less often than the electronics :).


Indeed, that’s the best and safer tip! Own fault can cost you cryptocurrency and especially when it comes to electronics. Agree with you gilcn. :slight_smile:


I sent the wrong MCT coin on my friend 's wallet NEO. Now I have no way to recover and get back this coin. Who can give me a MCT coin? I will return to NEO


Hello all,
I’m kind of new to the crypto market and your community, so forgive me if I have a little knowledge in this field. Here is my issue: on April 27 I sent 29 NEO coins from my neon wallet to an exchange address. I got “failed transaction” error and tried one more time. I realized that 2 x 29 coins are deducted from my wallet, but I have only 29 avalable in the destination address! 29 NEO is marked as “Spent” and 29 is marked as “unspent”. When I check the destination address on neotracker it shows that I have 29 NEO in that wallet but when I login there is nothing in there. I provide you the links so that you can take a look and maybe you can help me with that.
and this is the exchange’s wallet address that has 0 NEO in it: AVQtDD2C2oE4M4tGfwiFtEAxmMCtzGtHfr
I really appreciate it if could help me to recover it because it’s a huge part of my investment.


Any help? I appreciate if you can help me