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I have a primitive cell phone and need to have the text-type 2FA for my exchange accounts. I am not sure what that is called, and mostly end up with QR code apps when I search for help. Does anyone know what this type is called? It is when the page goes: SMS>text>I type in the code?

Is this a Google thing, or something I have to install at each exchange, etc.?

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There is Google Authenticator, Authy, to name a few. Basically with like Coinbase, you download google Authenticator app on your phone and it will ask you for a code every time you login.


SMS is where they text you a 6pin code. This is typically not preferred as some can intercept these messages if they really want too. The QR codes are safer but require a smart phone. If you buy an old smart phone you can download the app to it if you have wifi or if you have a tablet you can use its camera for the QR codes.

Just some thoughts.


thank you Russman! I appreciate your thoughts.


Very helpful Nekko…I’m a tech immigrant so the connection ideas are useful. I do have an old IMac I can use just for this.

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Not sure the iMac would do the trick I was more talking about the iPad or Android tablet, but who know maybe it will.


Authy can be used as a desktop chrome extension too i believe.


Bluestacks is a android emulator that runs on PC. You make a google account or connect with your own and it uses your computer like an android.


I’ve been wondering from the point of view that I don’t trust Google. At all. I don’t even want a Google ID. But it’s so pervasive now I’m afraid the day is coming when I’ll be locked out of my exchange account.

Notice almost every other answer here has the word Google or Chrome in it…


Your on point here, but it is more or less a nessecity. I mean if you really want to I think there are other app’s if I am not mistaken that can do 2FA. Like a FIDO key or U2F I think that is what they are called. At this point I really don’t care that google knows I have an account with this exchange or that exchange. That is all the info they get from the authenticator app as when you open it all of your pins are active so they don’t know which one is being used. For me personally I do not see the point in living in such paranoia, but that is just me.


Check out https://www.yubico.com/ - I use this for as many applications that support it.