3 Broken Gigabyte 1070's


Friend has a mining rig with 8 GPU’s 3 of which are Gigabyte 1070’s I am unsure on the particular model. He does not have a reciept for purchase but they are only 4 months old. Is there any other way to get these refunded?


Call or email gigabyte and try to cash in on the manufacturers warranty. It should have a 1 year warranty. This is the second time I’ve heard of gigabyte cards not standing up to mining.


tell your friend odds are he doesnt have enough cooling/airflow. for 3 cards to crap out usually means it is on the user end, like overheating, or full of dust.

my 2 satoshis worth…


I think he already knows this but worth trying to get a warranty job out of it.


I agree, they should warranty them if the warranty hasnt expired.


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That is pretty unethical.

Did your friend overclock the cards? If so that voids the warranty in most cases.


The words are gone. Gone are words the.


The card come with a serial number, you cant do that,


Yup… our rig has 5 XFX VEGAs and one GIGABYTE. gigbye card died on us after like 2 weeks. we swapped it out at microcenter where we got it for an MSI.

but gigabyte cust service is great for support and returns. they should take care of it inside 6 months


Well i have a 6 rig 1070 Gigabyte and works perfectly for months, didn’t go out once always up and running. You should make sure there not overheating and clean out dust some times. Do you guys have a good way to clean GPU’s?


Trying to talk it right :joy: You must be kidding me.

None the less you shouldn’t get any warrenty in my opinion if you buy gaming consumer cards.


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So you find this normal? Screwing some one over.

Besides investing and ruining the market for normal consumers has nothing to do with each other. Many will say its voided out of normal use. I am happy with this approach. AMD and nVidia make mining cards now, but these miners still buy consumer cards.