5 minute swing on zrx


I just sold all my zrx at 7430 sats looking to get a 1% swing trade in! Looking at the chart, and how everything else in the market is going down, decided to sell. Plan to buy in around the 50 day MA!What are some of your favorite indicators to use while trading? or more specifically swing trading?


I have more or less moved away from the old standbys like RSI, Stoch, Ichimoku, Bollinger bands, etc.

These days, I’m using John Ehler’s Universal Oscillator and his Stochastic Indicator plus Hurst Cycle Channels.

If you go hunting for the Universal Oscillator on Trading View, be aware that LazyBear’s has a bug with it’s trigonometry function calls. You can grab my corrected version here:


I have a morstoch. Gives near perfect entries, and perfect swing high and lows.