.5btc to .55btc in 10 days



I will be day trading with .5 BTC and trying to get 10% ROI in 10 days and and keeping track of my trades for 10 days aka trying to make 1% a day. So thought Id share my trades here for some of the pub members to learn from my mistakes or take advantage of some of the things I do right.

I will be using the Binance/bittrex exchange and will post daily of my trades and times. A little about me, I am a full time cryptocurrency trader and have been doing it since the beginning of last year. You can check out more about me in my BIO.

Just an FYI (There may be some days I dont trade if I dont see a good opportunity) << One of the best lessons Ive learned :slight_smile:

Anyways, wish me luck and hopefully you can learn a thing or two :smiley:



1 BTC to 1.5 BTC in 1 month! Crypto Trading

Not a huge goal… when i was day trading i made those gains in like 2 or three days. Now im HODLing.


cool story bro… just thought id teach the pub some new stuff… not here to impress people who are gods at trading :wink:


gains are gains. i love it. continue to share your story as you progress!


More btc is never a bad thing. No matter how much!


I did not want to impress someone. Just said its not a huge goal for 10 days of trading


Alright guys first trade I got into was ZRX. Looking at the chart, I put in ~.15BTC into it. Looks promising on the 15 minute chart and the MACD looks really good and RSI is about in the middle :slight_smile: Got around ~1000ZRX for 14527 satoshis/zrx will update progress soon. Stop loss at 14200 satoshis.


how much % profit are you planning to take from this trade?


Good luck man I’m rooting for ya :+1:


I think it’s awesome that you’re being transparent. Surely someone can hypothetically make more than 10% ROI in 10 days but he isn’t showing us the opportunities or the risks he takes to the entire pub. I appreciate your open hand; thank you and good luck!


anywhere between 3-5% ROI :slight_smile: if the chart looks promising, I will sell half and keep the rest in :slight_smile:


Second trade is in. A little ICX action. Got 152 ICX for about 7007 satoshis. spent around .1BTC

If you have any questions on why i entered when I did, please dm me or write a message :slight_smile: stop loss at 6900 satoshis.


Alright guys, I could sell my zrx for a 2% profit right now, but looking at the 4 hour chart macd, looking like more rise is about to happen… Its looking promising so Im going to hold and change my stop loss to 14700 satoshis. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Hey @CryptoEthan, nice reporting all your trades, and well done on zrx. How long are you planning on holding the position?


bookmarking this one - I’d like to do the same once I actually get back to even on my day trading bag -


I just keep on upping the stop limit order :slight_smile: so if it hits, then im out, but if it keeps rising, then the more money I make :slight_smile: But for the icx, im a true believer, so maybe hodl that for half a day and see where it goes.


What resource are you using to track your trades? Thoughts on taxation and the SEC? I use binance myself as my exchange of choice.


i record all my trades on an excel spreadsheet :slight_smile: but if you dont bitcoin.tax


Cool. Would you be open to some questions? Not about crypto predictions (there’s enough people running around from coin to coin soliciting for that now haha), but resources and technique.

If not, then that’s alright.


Doubled down on some icx as i see it as a good buy around 6920 sat. With the news coming out about the mainnet and close to the 24hr low, I took a little more of a gamble. So far in for .48 :slight_smile: Wish me luck!