.5btc to .55btc in 10 days


Good luck! I think that your gamble will pay off at this stage. Now is a good time for an ICX buy.


Damn, last night was crazy both my stop losses hit at 6600 for icx and 14850. I woke up in the middle of the night to check and go back into icx at 165500ish and then bought some ven too! I got super lucky when I got in because I was checking the market at 2:00am CST :confused: So basically I was down, but then Im already back to where I was originally and I have an extra 3 ICX lol. Current gains .003/.05 BTC.
Ven/btc .113BTC holdings @ 59132 sat
ICX/BTC .3277BTC @ 65500 sat

Current prices
65050 sat for VEN STOP/LIMIT @ 63000
6990 sat for ICX STOP/LIMIT @ 66000


Alright, so i decided not to be greedy even though the VEN/BTC 4 hour chart looks really good! Took some profits.

VEN BTC Amount
0.00059132 0.1135 192 BUY
0.0006536 0.124837 192 SELL
0.011337 PROFIT

Total profit = 0.01440851/.05 Day 1ish


Yo. Not cool. Everyone’s trading techniques are different. Although holding BTC is a strong play, it doesn’t take into context the investors personal needs and goals. Lighten up here.


HAHA! Hating on me because you think I only have .5BTC lmfaooo. Please explain why I “suck ass at trading”, you literally provided no context to your argument? Because I got back into ICX when the 15 minute RSI was super low and I knew a bounce was going to happen (and it did) ? Anyways, to each their own. Have a good day sir with your > .5BTC Holdings :joy: some of us cant live up to people with more BTC


Should be nice gambling the next days, looking forward for sharing us your expirience :sunglasses::+1:


Alright guys, looks like we are a little ahead of schedule. Just pulled out my ICX @ 7200 Satoshis.

Total profit for ~day 1 = 0.02894281/.05 BTC :confused: maybe I should change the goal from .5 to .6 BTC in 10 days :wink: but might get a lot more haters :smiley:


let them haters hate!


Sounds like your doing well I started with .33 and have worked my way up to 1btc only thing I don’t do is run stops


I’m glad you’re posting here and adding insight, but at the same time you may want to ease up on the arrogance/overconfidence. It’s a bad habit that can consume you. It also clouds your judgement. I speak from experience.

But good luck dude.


thanks man, I totally agree. Sorry but if you saw the last comment then you would see why. Anyways just trying to help some fellow pub members who are new to trading.



Yo, keep this up. I’m going to be focusing on trading more. I’ve been HODLing since May and want to get more kickback.

It helps working from home so I get to track charts all day.


@CryptoEthan and you do need to watch the fomo set a goal and take it I lurned that one the hard way with emc2 got in at 4400 rode it to 20k and didint get out thought sure I could get more didn’t get out tell 9000 so much missed from domo on that one



If you’re interested in helping, make sure you give reasons why you are doing things. Simply watching someone trade and report their earnings does nothing except tell them if they attempt what you’re doing, they might profit.

Reasons and justifications will help us understand, and it also allows the more skilled traders to provide criticism, ask questions, and learn how other investors think.


will do for sure on todays trades. Thanks for the feedback. Keep them coming, im sure I will make a lot of mistakes :slight_smile:


Just remember there is a risk associated with it. It is a very wise idea to make some rules to follow so emotion doesn’t get the best of you while trading.


Nice thread man. Best of luck.


Have a plan (write it down), stick to it and dont deviate. Thats the only way to consistency!


I totally agree with @john.
There’s a lot of ppl just sitting there waiting for the homerun forgetting that step by step you can go further.