.5btc to .55btc in 10 days


I was trying to do this by taking profit at 10-30 percent - I WAS looking for low RSI’s - (usually good for 10% in short order there)

Then before going into the office for 3 days I put my daytrading bags into two safe investments - AION and ICX- and they haven’t gotten back to break even except once or twice since then - IF they ever get back to even I will cash out - LOL

PS - my day trading bag is like 5% of my porfolio - 95% is Long term ICX HODL - I NEEED to get get that 1 BTC so I can chill - LOL


This takes discipline, I was doing this for swing trades, but for me I am too busy trying to get in on coins that I lose objective focus. Should just trade what i want to trade and add fiat money to what i want to buy. Makes it easier to stay on task rather than spending that profit on coins I probably won’t be selling for a while.


no one said this was going to be easy! Lets crush it together!


There’s a risk in any market. :wink:


Alright guys found my first trade of the day. OMG/BTC I entered into this one because I like how its rising and I put in the support and resistance lines :slight_smile: Also the MACD just crossed so I feel like I can make a pretty good profit here. Put .1521 BTC

Best of luck out there in this crazy market :slight_smile:


Second trade in ELF/BTC. Love how the 1 hr chart looks. Headed uppppp!!! Again the macd about to cross over and RSI looking like more and more people coming in! Stop limit @ 17900 satoshis. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Third and final trade is in. Looking at the 15 minute chart, looking like its going up… added support and resistance lines… will keep track of these for half a day. stop limit at 6300 satoshis. Also looking at the 4 hour chart, its nearing the bottom of the RSI… and macd coming up. we will see how this coin does but I love buying near the 24 hour lows :slight_smile: Have ~2600 Link tokens right now. Please pay attention to the support and resistance levels! Wish me luck!!


Are you in the Pub’s Discord?


no, I am not unfortunately!


welp, today/yesterday I got crushed :frowning: so every traders dilema, do I sell for a loss? or if the charts look good, do I just HODL? In my situation, I am going to HODL and re-up :slight_smile:


how do you use the bollinger band indicators? what does shrinking BB and expanding BB means?


Just to be honest, if you just youtube a video you can figure this all out in 15-30 minutes. But the only thing i really look at is if it is riding the upper BB, then it could have the potential to break out :slight_smile:




Alright guys, so I double downed on my ELF and OMG positions (Even though i am in the red, I havent taken a realized loss yet) I made a little bit off of ICX today and picked up some IOST as the BTC/IOST was relatively low and since you cant really use TA on a coin just listed, I thought id gamble a little :slight_smile: . Here are the trades so far that I have taken :frowning: as you can see they arent doing so great but with all the good I am going to share, I will share the bad too.

So far profit = 0.03484321/.05 Day 4 :slight_smile:

Here is the IOST chart…

I was out to dinner with my gf and ELF went back up to 1900 satoshis and I didnt sell because I was enjoying my company :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

P.S. If you use binance, you need to pick up 1-2 Binance coins so you can get that 50% off the trading fee :slight_smile:


i did already but having trouble understanding because my english is not too good…i need to find one in my local language or subtitle maybe…thanks Ethan…keep sharing here


how do i get in? become a patron?


so you are basically using

    • 14 day RSI indicator? (a good one as I understand it to see overbought/oversold coins and move fast)
      2 - the 12/26 MACD - (if 12 crosses over 26 - might be good buy opportunity
      3 - and the Bollingerbands - which are a bit like…mobile support/resistance lines as I read about it?

I’ve been trying to just ride the 14 day indicator safari I’m about break even - I did cash out a couple trades today at 2% - good thing most of my coin is in ICX long term


Alright guys sorry, I am still locked into my trades :slight_smile: more to come! Current positions:

200 OMG- .3018 BTC @ 1500 sathoshis
1355 ELF - 0.2465078 BTC @18274 satsohsis

ELF currently @ 18300 SAT Chart looking Ehhhhhh but everything is down right now so hopefully expecting a positive day… STOP Limit set at 17900 SATS

OMG currently at ~1466 satoshis stop limit set at 1400 sats. So currently down ~.01 BTC on this position but im still bullish on this coin. I also think BTC is going to rise heavily soon… so might cash out for a loss in the next dayish if I cant break even or make a little bit on this one. BUT they are also having a townhall event on the 31st of this month… (https://blog.omisego.network/announcing-omisego-town-hall-0x1-338a7b7ea897) so some news for the community to interact with the team… might pump this coin a bit.

Hope everyone had a good weekend… no case of the mondays so far! Markets keep the heart beating :slight_smile:



Damnnnnnn these markets keep the heart beating thats for sure! I just went on a little run! I was looking at the 15 minute RSI and the all looked sooo over bought… if you pay attention to the 15 minute and then look out to the 4 hour it helps to see if you should be buying back in :slight_smile: I also did a little swing trading on ICX but I didnt include that in my profits :slight_smile:

ELF BTC Amount Buy
0.00018901 -0.1115159 590
0.00017646 -0.1349919 765 Profit
0.000194 0.262676 1354 SELL 0.0161682

OMG BTC Amount
0.001521 -0.1521 100 BUY
0.001498 -0.1497 100 BUY
0.001576 0.314885 199.8 SELL 0.013085

Total profit so far is 0.0610249/.05 Day 4!

Day 4 profit = 0.0292532


EDIT: DAMNNNNN LOOK AT THAT BOUNCE! Love getting in at the right time :slight_smile:
Alright guys just got into VEN because it dropped a little and the 15 minute RSI was hella low. Also looking at the 4 hour chart, looks like its being oversold… :slight_smile: Its also hitting the bottom of the support and looks like its going to bounce and it did! Got 500 VEN @ 55800 Satoshis.

Ask if you dont understand anything :slight_smile:


Have you looked at using stochastic divergences to get good entry’s in your trades?