.5btc to .55btc in 10 days


As long as you’re making gains you’re doing well! the 4 hour chart to me looks bullish, so that’s good, however, the RSI is almost oversold. Depending on how far in the green you are you may want to take profit, but I’m no expert.

Based on quick TA, I think that it’s going to bounce down a bit again and keep doing that until it’s a little more consolidated. However, if you’re going to be awake longer (it’s 2am here) you may want to wait a few sessions.

Here’s what I’m seeing, if it breaks out of that top line in the 4hr chart, big things could happen, but I think it’s unlikely when paired with RSI.

Trade on!


A second note, that’s a huge upper support line, dating back to september 10th, 2017 if you look at the bittrex chart which is a little more matured. Hope this helps!


Since you were not able to be gentle, i maybe shouldnt answer… But its just i made good trades and stuff bur in the end i would had more value just hodling. Neo is a good example went out when it had that last huuuge gain. And i went out waaay too early. Thats why im hodling now


Been watching your posts going on here, good to see someone putting in the effort for trading - especially in this market right now.

Darcy C


Alright guys, been a crazy morning! Just cashed out of my VEN position… I saw the 15 minute RSI go WAYYY above and woke up to sell… I bought at 5580 sats last night so I woke up to some good profit when I saw it at 6100 sats. Saw it go down to 6000 and waited until 6040 to sell and then BOOM it popped right back to 6170 :frowning: soooo annoying :frowning: but cant complain still made some good profits. Also if you look at the 4 hour chart, looks like its going on the down trend so thats also what made me want to sell. Could very well be wrong, i guess time will tell :slight_smile:

Todays profits so far is .023 BTC and thats not counting the smaller positions that I am currently am in.

0.000558 -0.279 500 BUY
0.000604 0.302 500 SELL

Total profit so far is 0.0842949/.05 day 5

Todays profit so far is .023




I’m pretty much starting off with 0.09 BTC. I’m looking to start my trading adventure, these kind of posts sure do help.

Darcy C


if u had put it all into ICX this morning (10 hrs ago) you’d have made 15% already selling at the high :slight_smile:


This may have been asked already, but how do you find your coins to trade? I’m not so much interested in when you buy or sell, just what you look for in coins.


Been swing trading it just for shits and giggles.


hours of research everday. nothing comes easy haha


Alright another very small trade in. Got some more ELF/BTC @ 1760 sats.

Also got some EOS @ 112093 sats :slight_smile: best of luck in this market… also picked up some CHEAP BTC @ 9900 :slight_smile:


Alright just exited my ZRX position on the 15 minute chart it looks overbought so Im going to jump back in once it hits arond 16600ish sold at 17050 satoshis

0.00015786 -0.19069464 1208
0.00015633 -0.14304 915
0.00015634 -0.04768241 305 Profit
0.0001705 0.413974 2428 0.03255695

Todays profit = .05555695

Total 5 day profit = 0.135977227/.05 Gonna try to keep this going!

Hope everyone is crushing!!


Exactly my thoughts- will be following closely


This is so fascinating to watch- it’s exactly what I want to try. Thank you for sharing.


Can I just give you my money and let you trade it for me? :rofl:


Trading in crypto is not that hard the market is controlled by bot, if btc price is stable you just need too watch the rsi / macd for a quick trade nothing hard, you buy when it’s oversold and sell when is overbought or even before.
Everybody who invest in crypto should take some time and trade once a day with some play money nothing huge just start with 0,01 btc and try too do 10% a day, always choose a coin with volume and in the top 50 something you know and like ( Use tradingView put a list of coins and check everytime you can too find something low and buy ) You can use the 5min or 30min chart if you have time just dont panic sell, you can also use a stop loss and put order sell and buy


Great thread thank you for sharing your trades and being so transparent. Great tool for new incoming cryptonauts to take a look at


Woke up this morning to some good gains on ELF… just wish I put more in haha :frowning: 15 minute RSI looked way too over bought and I was right. Its 7am CST here in Chicago :slight_smile:

Entry 0.0001758 -0.03744334 213
Exit 0.00019413 0.04134969 213
Profit 0.00390635 :stuck_out_tongue: made $39 bucks hehehe buttttt it is 10% in less than a day (above the average most investors make in a year in the stock market :slight_smile: ) Wish i put 10k into this one, win some, “lose” some.

Day 6 profit = 0.00390635 Total Profit: 0.139883577 / .05


Is this total of all the coins you’re trading or just for ELF?


day 6 profit is the profit i took from the elf trade today… .139883577 is profit from all trades combined.