.5btc to .55btc in 10 days


Loving this thread, thanks for posting your process!!

Can you explain briefly the significance of the RSI and MACD indicators and how you use them in your decision making process on when to buy in on a coin?


RSI tells you when its over bought or over sold and the MACD tells you moving averages, so when once crosses the other it might break out depending if its the long or short term lines… peter has made some videos and if you just spend 10-20 minutes on youtube its very easy to understand :slight_smile:



I’m only on day 27. You made too many!!! :joy:


Just picked up some ICX at what I think is a pretty good bargain :slight_smile: But we will seeeee

0.0007480 -0.2276656 304 BUY
0.0007216 -0.1859924 257.75 BUY

561.75 -0.413658 -0.000736374


Alright just got out of my ICX position

0.000748 -0.2276656 304 BUY
0.0007216 -0.1859924 257.75 BUY
0.000773 0.434238 561.75 SELL

Profit : 0.02058

Todays Total Profit= .02448635

Total profit= .15655722


I hadn’t seen your post but a guy on Trading View - (and a Twitter personality I respect) posted on it so I took a look

I feel good getting in at 16500 and holding to 21000 (30% profit) with a stop loss - it’s not a day trade so much as a week trade maybe but I’ve got to start holding shit longer than 1%

here’s the chart I used - his gustimates are similar to mine - I just did more of a trend line but he uses fibronacci


I just rebought the dip at 7500 :slight_smile: now buying a little bit more at 7300! I think it goes back up to 7700-7800ish by later tonight stop loss at 715., support and resistance lines put in. taking profit at 7800ish might sell half


How’s it going crypto nation?!


Whats good Mac daddy


Might do another thread. 1 BTC to 1.5 BTC in one month. Anyone interested?!


would be great, next series take me with you on the journey lol


Yesss. I’ll go small scale .1 to .15 haha


I already did .15 with .5 :slight_smile: Aim high :stuck_out_tongue: Will do a post later today! Ill post here the link.


Definitely. Great idea


Oh i just read your comment hahahah :slight_smile: do .1 to .2


hi any updates, when is it happening?


Soon!!! Been busy with some other things/travel. But I promise I will be coming with some good content :slight_smile:


That’s great. Also, which exchange do you usually use for trading?


Here we go!!!