6xVega 64 , 1 x 1600w psu , Possible?

1600w evga p2 , 9 vga slots , 5 sata slots.
6x vega 64.

The plan :
Power up each vega card using 8pin to dual 8pin cables .

Power the risers :
I am a total noobie and this would be my first mining rig. The only “solution” i found to this problem is by doing it with sata cables that comes with the psu but everyone comments NEVER to do this.

Those are the risers i ordered

Would appreciate some input as my head is going places over this. Thank you.

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Hey @Rufus, Congrats on your 1st Mining Rig.

Based on my own experience the short answer is No… a single PSU will not be enough to get everything. I mine with 6 x RX580’s all of which are only connected individually with a single 8 pin power connector.

Each Card consumes around 130 watts, the Mainboard runs at around 300 watts BEFORE the GPU’s are powered up…all in when running overclocked GPU with minimal power power settings ( i run at -87 on Afterburner per GPU ) my rig runs at 1100 watts.

Now thats below your 1600 but you should never run at full capacity… somewhere around 70% is where you want to be.

Next issue… Its very unlikely that a single PSU will have enough connectors to power everything… You will need the following

1 x MainBoard
1 x CPU
6 x SATA Connectors for the PICI Expansion boards ( no idea why you have not been told to use them, mine runs fine )
6 x 8 pin GPU Power connectors
depending on the MB you may need to power the PCi slots, i run an Asus H110 BM and that needs two MOLEX connectors to power all the PCIe slots. I don’t use them all but the board will not boot without them
Are you running any additional fans, your going to need more Molex connectors for those too

I personally run 2 x 8000 watts PSU, 1 run the main board and 2 x GPU’s the other run 4 x GPU’s

If you do decide to run 2 x PSU’s you will need a multi PSU Controller… this switches the second PSU on when the first is powered up… this controller board also need its own Molex power connector.

Hope thats helps, good luck… its true what they say…getting 6 cards to run all is a bea-atch…

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Just to add to this 50% is where you want your Power supplies at as that is the most effecient point for the power supply.

@pigsfoot what in the world is your base rig motherboard? Mine are only sitting at like 40w not 130.

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@Nekko… wow… 40 watts… thats got to be the dream… My board is the Asrock H110 Pro BTC + MB.

In order to power up as well as the normall connectors you have to plug in 2 x additional Molex connectors to power up the PCIe slots… even though each individual PCIe expansion card also has to have power… :roll_eyes:… however this board will run upto 13 GPU’s… i however only have 6 connected … at the moment… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m guessing that has something to do with it… other than that its a simple setup with just the 6 cards running.

I have just purchased a HP 1600 watt PSU with GPU adapter which will run up to to 10 GPU’s. The plan is to remove one of the current PC type PUS and run this in its place to see if its more power efficient. the aim for me is to run around 1 Kwh.

Images of current rig… if your interested…


Biostart TB250 Celeron G4400 and a single stick of 8gb RAM and SMOS on a 16gb thumb drive


Edit going to buy 2x 1000w g2 evga psu .

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Yes it will power them. The reason you stick to 50% or in @Pigsfoot 70% is that at 50% you are at the prime effeciency output of the power supply the 70% mark that was mentioned is to keep you from burning out your power supply.

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Hey @Nekko i contacted vega directly and they confirmed that my psu can handle up to 85% not 70% .

Anyway my psu was a bad idea , i will return it and buy 2x evga 1000w g2.

Does it matter from where u power the risers?
Each psu will have 3 gpus on it .
Do i need to power the risers of those specific gpus from the same psu the gpus are powered?

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We are not saying that it cannot handle 75-80% We are stating it is not a good idea to do that and you loose effeceincy by doing so. You do this for the same reason you do not run the fans on your GPU at 75-80% it decreases the life of them.
This is also done at the enterprise level with server power supplies. We do not take them past 50% in a fail over scenario and they sit at 25% loaded max normal conditions.

All risers, MB, and HDD should be off of the same power supply or you run the chance of having grounding issues between the two power supplies. No more than two risers per sata connection is a best practice.

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@Nekko , thank you so much.
I decided to return this psu and buy 2x 1000w g2 by evga.
According to evga guide here : https://www.evga.com/support/faq/afmmain.aspx?faqid=59582
And after speaking to their support i decided to order this : https://www.ebay.com/itm/24-Pin-ATX-Jump-Start-Power-Supply-Bridging-Connector-Plug-Corsair-OCZ-Sesonic/151728210590?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 .

This psu unit seems to have six 6 pin slots and 6 8pin slots.
Also comes with
6-Pin PCIe 2x
6+2-Pin PCIe 6x

In my case i will be powering 3 cards from each psu .

Now i will have 4 6pins , the issue is that you are telling me to power ssd,cpu,mobo +6 risers (and the 3 cards) from the same psu .

Everyone says not to power risers from sata cables since sata cables can only tranfer 30-50w while the riser needs 75w.

So again i am on a dead end.What are your thoughts.

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Risers do not need 75w and when I stated off of sata cables I just meant the rails that are labeled SATA/PERF on the power supply.

Hope this helps. The 75w number that everyone keeps telling you is the absolute max power that the PCIe buss can handle not the power that the cards need.

By the way this is what you need to to run two power supplies not the jump starter. Jump starter can work but this will allow both power supplies to be turned on when you press the power button. The one you have selected will just keep the second power supply on all the time.

I would also suggest you watch the BiteSizeMining video on setting up your rig and then also watch this one from BitsBeTrippen. Carter in BBT goes through some of the best practices that are not discussed in @ImaginaryPi’s video. Each as their merit and both are worth watching.

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I am not from the US.
What are the disadvantages of the machine running all the time,(my head is going places over power failure in my house , what happens in that case? ).

So to make this clear about the risers : 6pin sata cable from psu that has 4 inputs for hdd’s(dunno the name), then on 2 of the 4 ends of the sata cable i am plugging the first cable on the picture of the riser right? ( I though there are numerous amounts of people reporting melted cables and reddit subforum gpu mining even has a bot that warns u not do it :
Automated reminder: It is never recommended to power GPU or risers with SATA connectors https://i.imgur.com/zfofGLR.png

edit: gonna watch both of them. care to link the BiteSizeMining video can’t seem to find it

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You need to inspect your risers all the time at the beginning to make sure you do not have any of them that are bad. These are cheap mining parts and can really only be avoided by going with server power supplies that are modded to have all 6/8 pin connectors coming off of it. That is why you limit this to 2 max as that will decrease the amperage draw across the SATA connections.

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Thanks .I will have 4x 6 pin cables coming with the psu , that would be the best way to do it ? I can plug 4 risers using that way if it’s the safest . Then order 1 more 6pin cable for the 5th riser and 1 6pin to 2x6 pin for the riser and the ssd and plug them directly. Let me know if this would be the safest way.
Care to answer my 2 questions above as well please?
1, If i understand the riser connectivity right.
2.Why do i need to power/shut both psu at the same time ,is there any disadvantage doing it with a jumper?

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You don’t have too it just makes it easier shutting down the rig and helps to make sure things are powered down when you go to work on the rig. It makes things a bit more proper or follow best practices.

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@Nekko . I so much appreciate your help mate.
I went ahead and follow your advice and ordered this

Now if we want to follow best practises regarding risers, would 6pin riser to 6 pin psu cable be way better than using riser sata cable + psu sata cable?6

If yes then my 2x psu will have a total of 4 6pin cables.
I can plug 4 risers directly. buy one more 6pin cable and power the 5th riser and then
If its safe buy a 6pin that splits into 2x6pin to power the riser and the ssd directly from the psu.

Last but not least , there won’t be any issue powering risers from one psu but the gpus of those risers from the other right?
Woud love to know what you think about this. Cheers.

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Yes it would if you have the spare slots.

I would not do this as you will have additional SATA and PERF slots on the main power supply you could just do 1 riser per cable and you will be perfectly fine just to fill the last few slots. The reason this is done is that the risers power is directly tied to the MB so you need to keep the grounding the same. If you do not it can cause a bunch of different issues like what @peter and @ImaginaryPi explain in their video. This is more than likely why going to a single power supply fixed their issues. Grounding issues are the worst to troubleshoot. It is normally an intermitten issue.

This second question trumps the first question in that you need to follow this second paragraph even if it means ignoring the first.

NP on the help that is what we are here for.

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  1. @Nekko this needs more clarification ."I would not do this as you will have additional SATA and PERF slots on the main power supply you could just do 1 riser per cable and you will be perfectly fine just to fill the last few slots. "

2)I am planning on powering all 6 risers from one psu as you told me . Since each psu can only have 3 gpu due to vga limitation that means 3 gpus will sit on a riser board powered by the other gpu if that makes any sense.If the issues only happen when the risers/mobo/ssd each is not powered with the same psu then i guess i will be fine .

3)Also my psu’s have total of four 6 pin cables and i can buy more , would this be the best way to power risers and minimize the risk of “fire” :
6pin from psu directly to 6pin on riser board for 5 risers.
6pin from psu splits into 2x6 pin on riser board + the other on ssd.

4)Also perif can power 6pins for risers or ssd normally right?

Sorry for my english and not understanding right but i am European .

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Reference my picture above as this is a picture of your EVGA 1000w G2 connections

Power Supply 1
GPU1 powered by VGA1 & VGA2
GPU2 powered by VGA3 & VGA4
GPU3 powered by VGA5 & VGA6
SATA 4 - powers HDD
SATA1 - powers Riser 1 & Riser 2
PERF1 - powers Riser 3
PERF2 - powers Riser 4
SATA3 - powers Riser 5
SATA2 - powers Riser 6

Power Supply 2
GPU 4 - powered by VGA1 & VGA2
GPU 5 - powered by VGA3 & VGA4
GPU 6 - powered by VGA5 & VGA6
Any additional fans you may add can be powered by SATA1-4 and PERF1&2

Hope this clears things up. This is what I was trying to explain (should have just done this from the beginning).

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I can’t view any pic but yea i get what you mean.

All it’s left on your example above is how you power the risers by
1)5 six pin cables and 1x6pin to 2x6pin for riser1 and 2 or
2) with sata cable from psu and the cable risers provides you to the riser?

Also on both cases wouldn’t it better to have riser +hdd and not riser1 + riser 2 since hdd doesn’t draw much watts?

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