8 GTX 1080 ti or 12 GTX 1070 ti?



I am going to build a mining rig and i want your advice.
If they are going to cost the same, around 8000 usd in my country, Is it better to build a rig with 8 GTX 1080 ti or 12 GTX 1070 ti ?
I am asking from both the present, the future, and resale points of view.
Thank you very much


If your power costs are not high, do a regular 1080. In my opinion 1080 ti are overpriced for what we are trying to do. the 1080 at 600$ is a better inbetween.


1080 is not available in my country, and there is a restriction on buying GPU from abroad.


Than, I would go with the 1070 Ti if that is what is available. But the 1080ti is too high of a price point for the ROI time. Nvidia will have new cards out this year, so the goal is to hopefully get them paid off before the inevitable difficulty increase when everyone upgrades.


Do you know the name and or model they are bringing out?



All types are restricted because of mining


Nothing is confirmed yet from them, but they will be out, the 1080ti been out for a while now, and AMD starting to catch up slowly. I have read rumors of it being 1170 1180/


Dam. What country does that.


I used to mine last year. Now these days I just HODL and trade. Might get back into it.


Egypt :zipper_mouth_face:


Dam. That’s harsh. dfggfd df g


Why can’t you just buy it in another country and travel back? Or is that kind of loophole illegal.


Illegal and they can catch and arrest me in the airport :scream:


Well that sucks. So how exactly can you order 8 1080 tis? and 12 1070 tis?


They are already available on computer shops in Egypt. It is restricted for individuals to buy or bring cards from abroad.


Ohhhh ok. Any hope of change or no?


In the near future, i think no.


Stubborn… They don’t want people to prosper.


It is Egypt Under ARMY control


1080’s or 1080ti’s. With the “Ethenlargmentpill,” you can get 50+ mh/s mining ETHASH algo’s. ETC just overtook ETH in mining profitability.