8 GTX 1080 ti or 12 GTX 1070 ti?



I’ve just tried the ETHlargementPill on my gaming rig. Really impressive boost, from 34 Mh/s to 52 Mh/s on a single 1080Ti. A bit toasty on the GPU, but I’m working on that to bring it consistently lower than 68C.


I would recommend the 1080Ti rig over the 1070Ti rig. I have both (5x1080Ti and 6x1070Ti), although the 1070Ti rig is more efficient I think you will be able to sell your 1080Ti cards later on at a better price than 1070Ti. Plus with the ETHlargementPill you have the option to switch to ETH once Equihash is dominated by Z9 ASIC miners.


1070ti used to be the sure bet till ETHenlargementpill appeared, now with the ASIC miners coming online soon not sure getting 1080ti is a good idea esp if the new gen comes anytime soon