A Call to Action: Calling all Alpha Cohorts




6 weeks of ALPHA cohort with Peter has come and gone. We laughed, we struggled, we grew.

It’s time for a serious reflection of everything you learned. For any of the participants in the Alpha Cohort, its time for one final home work assignment.

Create a retrospective video or post describing your experience with the alpha cohort.

Touch on some or all of the following:

  1. Why did you sign up for the Alpha Cohort?

  2. What did you learn?

  3. What did you find most difficult?

  4. What did you find most rewarding?

  5. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to be a beta cohort?

  6. Why should someone either become a patron or become a cryptonaut to participate in cohort 2.0? You learned how to communicate, now sell this shit.

Make sure and post your videos here so others can hear your story.



Let’s discord the Alpha and the up and coming cohort groups and how we can build extreme value for our community or just talk about random G shit.


Excellent. A great time was had. Many came for the food.

Amazing things have happened. We have seen such growth in many!

The time is now to seize the day and begin building a blockchain designed life.


Working on it. Sounds good bro


Whoo. More video. Let’s do it.


The food was a lie. :cake:


Thank you HAC for setting up this thread.


gotta make this video



Nice job, sir!!!


Lol your wife’s ringtone is carlos matos!? Should get him saying “my wife doesn’t even believe in me!”

can’t believe you had to do all of this twice. That’s dedication lol I probably would’ve filmed 20 minutes of me just moving my lips and laid it over the audio track lmao


Yeah, it’s the one crypto things she has roots with from when I started. I’ve got her saying some of Peter’s stuff too now.

Yeah the first time I’ll recorded was a one way show through it, got ruined. Second time I had done sections and the last 2 or 3 all had issues with noises or interruptions like the call, so I recorded the last bits this morning.

And I’ve tried syncing, but the problem is knowing exactly what you’ve said, especially if you ramble on like I do :joy:




Oh, man, thanks for this. Inspires me to get to it.
Just dealing with being laid off from a church and saying goodbye to so many people.
People first.
I’m coming up with some good lines.

Talk to Jesus about everything before you share anything.

You can’t microwave love.

Friends, can I ask for your help?

Can you like and comment on our new FB page for our ministry?



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Thank you.
Alpha Cohort video to follow.

Changing the World One relationship at a time.



So you want to beta cohort



The Cohort may have finished but I’ve only just started in the journey implementing everything we covered. I couldn’t make most of the live calls as being in the UK they were always at 2am and I was travelling with work too - but the Cohort experience has definitely put me on a new path that I’m excited about.

I already miss having the Cohort chat group as I started really getting a good feel for some of the members and the people behind the forum/discord chat.