A Personal User Manual



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Hey John,

Per our conversation, here’s my user manual. I’ll be updating this as I think of new things, but I think it’s a start.

What do I get ENERGY from?

  • Teamwork. As long as everyone works together towards the same goal, it provides me the energy to continue moving forward.
  • Working out. After a nice work out, I’m always energized. This is probably due to the adrenaline and dopeamine flowing, but this always gives me energy for a few hours.
  • Learning. I enjoy learning new things. Though, this isn’t always true. I enjoy learning new things that I care about (and bad news is not enjoyable). Currently I’m interested in new technologies, finance, and travel.

What do I VALUE the most?

  • Honesty. I feel (not meaning that it’s correct) that there aren’t many honest individuals anymore. Everyone always has a ‘mask’ that they wear. If you don’t like something, don’t bitch about it all the time, but at least try to solve the problem.
  • Planning. “Failure to plan is planning for failure.” Within organizations and lives, I don’t see many people planning for the future. I’ve recently learned to plan and set goals for myself. As I’ve obtained this skill, I try to utilize it as best as I can. The problem is that I’m experimenting a lot…and I get worn out so I need a break to re-gain my momentum.
  • Do what you say. There are many individuals that don’t do what they say. They simply make a decision (not well thought out) and leave it. The problem doesn’t get solved and it just ruins ‘your’ credibility.

What I don’t have the PATIENCE for?

  • Lack of planning. I think a lot of people waste their time by not planning ahead. I understand there are situtations that throws a plan out the window, but when these things happen, the best thing to do is plan and to not simply execute for the sake of executing. At least think things through a little bit.
  • Inability/lack of motiviation to do things. If something needs to get completed, just prioritize it and do it. I hate it when I have to remind people to do things. Figure out a schedule and just do it.

How to best COMMUNICATE with me:

  • Tell me exactly what’s on your mind. I don’t read in between the line. I don’t speculate. If you want to negotiate/talk to me, tell me what you want (as directly as possible).
  • If I’m very busy, I don’t listen well. I usually half pay attention. So, if you really want my time, give me a minute to finish my thought, then I’ll give you my undivided attention.
  • I’m not great with eye contact (it’s something I’m working on). If I don’t look directly at you, but if I’m still talking I’m paying attention. It’s just my quirk.


  • Give me time to process information/decisions. I don’t always agree with various decisions/options (I’m biased towards my own opinions/decisions…so sue me). But if it’s truly a better decision, I’ll think about it (unconciously) and I’ll admit fault (in my own unwilling manner).

How do I make DECISIONS?

  • I make decision in order to move forward. If you don’t agree with my decision, then don’t ask for it. Or, just proceed. My decisions don’t dictate everything but I’m willing to make a decision so we can continue executing. Be willing to challenge my decisions.
  • I don’t mind tweaking my decisions. As I need to re-adjust my course, I’ll do it.

A few of my QUIRKS:

  • When I say things, I don’t intend to criticize/mock anyone. I’m very truthful and very blunt. I’ll say what’s on my mind (if you ask or give me the opportunity to). If I aggrevated you in any way, that wasn’t my intent. Just get clarification from me.
  • I make a bit more money that most of my friends, but I’m very fruegal. I don’t like to spend my money on myself, but I don’t mind buying a few things for others (usually a drink or food).

Other things about me:

  • I’m a one girl kind of guy. This girl is my wife. I don’t put myself in situations where I’d do something stupid.
  • I enjoy a good book, a peaceful view, good food, or a workout. I’d rather do these than do drugs (drink alcohol, etc).
  • I enjoy a good sports car (mainly exotics or japanese imports).
  • Family and friends matter more to me than anything else. So I attempt to spend time with them.